Urgent: Latest developments in the war between Israel and Hamas.. The toll of bloody Israeli attacks is increasing! Hamas exposes 70 hostages within 5 days

The OIC Ambassadors held a joint press conference hosted by Bangladesh Ambassador Ismat Jahan, OIC Representative to the European Union, at the Press Club Event Hall in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

During the meeting, the decisions taken at the joint summit between the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the League of Arab States, which was held in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, last Saturday, were exchanged with international media.

Mauritania’s ambassador to Brussels, Ould Ibrahim Khalil, said in a joint statement on behalf of the OIC ambassadors: “As OIC ambassadors, we call on the European Union and its member states to take immediate measures to end the barbaric Israeli attacks and ensure an immediate ceasefire.” . We also reiterate that we reject the conscious and programmed forcing of Gazans to migrate internally or externally. We also condemn human rights violations. He added: “As ambassadors, we want to draw attention to this tragic situation.”

“The killing of innocent civilians must stop immediately.”

Khalil said that the message they want to deliver is very clear: “The message we want to deliver today is very clear. Our message about this situation, as you know, this situation that you see every day, is that the bombings must stop immediately. The killing of innocent civilians must stop immediately. Forcing innocent people to migrate must stop. The burning and bombing of hospitals, schools and homes must stop immediately. Our message to the international community, political decision-makers, the press and journalists: Please be careful not to become a tool for the lies we see everywhere. Check the sources of information you provide to people. We discovered that in order to distort the image of Palestinians, pictures of burning Palestinians are posted on social media and everywhere as if they were Israelis, and lies are spread. He said: “Your role in informing people in an impartial manner is very important, especially this month.”

Focus on Article 11 of Türkiye

Speaking among the ambassadors who attended the press release, the Permanent Representative of Turkey to the European Union, Ambassador Faruk Kaymakci, reiterated Article 11 of the OIC resolutions. Kaymakji said: “In accordance with Article 11 of the decisions taken by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, foreign ministers of six countries were appointed to stop the war and bring peace. A summit on Palestine was held in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey.” Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria and other immediately relevant countries “The ceasefire calls made today do not come only from the Arab world or the Islamic world. There are strong calls for a ceasefire in many European countries and the international community. This is not true.” To polarize the world, but we expect Israel to immediately stop this war of revenge and the attack that it began.”

We call on the European Union to put pressure on Israel

The ambassadors who attended the press conference stated that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation primarily wants to end the bombing of Gaza, put an end to the massacres against civilians, and put an end to indiscriminate shooting at hospitals and homes, in violation of human rights and international law. The Organization of the Islamic Conference called on the international community to take action, and stated that it wants the European Union foreign ministers to act responsibly on this issue and to put pressure on Israel to end its massacres.

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