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There was no official statement from Israel and Hamas regarding the continuation of the ceasefire. The “humanitarian truce” that has been ongoing for a week in the Gaza Strip ended at eight in the morning.

The Israeli army announced that it had resumed its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

“The war against Hamas has begun again,” the statement said, adding that “Hamas violated the ceasefire. Shooting was fired into Israeli territory.” Expressions were used.

Egyptian officials announced in the morning that the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas would continue on the eighth day.

Hamas released 8 hostages on the seventh day

On the seventh day of the hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas, Hamas released 8 more hostages. With the release of the Russians on Wednesday, the number of hostages handed over to the Red Cross yesterday rose to 10, according to the agreement. Israel also announced that it had released 30 Palestinians from its prisons.

Power exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel

The agreement regarding a four-day “humanitarian truce” for confrontations between Israel and Hamas entered into force on Friday, November 24, at 07:00 (08:00 GMT).

As part of the prisoner exchange agreement reached between Israel and Hamas, 81 Israeli prisoners from the Gaza Strip and 240 Palestinian prisoners have been released from Israeli prisons so far.

During the negotiations between the two parties, the Hamas movement announced an offer to extend the “humanitarian break” for another day in exchange for handing over the bodies of 7 captured women and children and 3 Israeli prisoners who were killed in the Israeli army bombing. Israel rejected it.

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