Use the Air Fryer to Make Delicious and Easy Christmas Appetizers

Puri Ramón is the Editor-in-Chief of Micasa, an expert in digital content management. Has been working in the Internet sector since 2000. He has extensive experience in managing Hearst Group websites, having worked on the websites of several of the editorial group’s Spanish magazines, such as Crecer Feliz or AR. Until 2022, she served as editor-in-chief of ElleDecor, Nuevo Estilo and MicasaRevista, and currently focuses on the MICasa magazine website.

In 2007 he launched the Micasa website and has since focused on coordinating digital content for all publishers’ decor magazines, managing the websites of Elle Decor, Nuevo Estilo, Casa Diez and Micasa, as well as the social network brands that launch them. SEO expert, he now manages, providing users with the best decoration ideas, the most practical tips for home cleaning, storage and ordering possibilities at home, living with pets and anything that helps us live better Otherwise in our home.

Happiness, health (and also mental health), sustainability and active living are the pillars of your search for a more modern and comfortable home. She loves pets and all the technological innovations that make our lives at home more comfortable. But above all, she’s an expert at spotting the latest trends in home decorating styles and the most interesting furniture pieces that can be purchased online at leading decorating stores.

The recipe section in one of the branches of the Micasa website gets the most attention, so we always have ideas for quick, healthy, and easy-to-make dinners and meals at the click of a button. Air fryers, slow cookers or kitchen robots are everywhere. But do not forget the most traditional and delicious recipes.

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