UV equipment to treat Quails Estuary water to be ready within a month

UV equipment will be installed at the Tarazona, Los Fayos, Novalas and Torrelas reservoirs to protect the Queiles River from native Water quality in mouths of more than 11,000 residents after animal ‘Cryptosporidium’ contamination They will be ready by the end of November.

The DGA Board of Governors will approve a Spending nearly 400,000 euros Purchase and install the technology next month. The project will be funded by the Aragon Water Institute, which has signed an agreement with the four town councils to undertake the maintenance of the lights.

After a month and a half of a gastroenteritis outbreak that has infected 520 people and left people in Turiason unable to drink or brush their teeth with tap water for 44 days, the good news is Qualls has eliminated the microbes This is a real headache. The Ministry of Health confirmed the news yesterday.

The latest water samples collected from the channel on October 16 last year again reflected Low microbial presence. For the third week in a row, all values ​​are well below 0.1 oocysts per liter of water (the maximum allowed), currently at 0.03.

despite this, Neighbors will have to wait days for things to return to normal. The district administration maintained restrictions on water consumption in the four cities until treatment of the water network is completed.

Last weekend, the Aragon company OX-CTA applied Biocide treatment in water systems Four locations (pipelines, warehouses and distribution network) were completed last Monday. It involves the use of disinfectant products to eliminate biofilms (microbial communities), for which the DGA paid approximately €30,000.

The procedure is incompatible with chlorine, so levels of that element must now reach sufficient levels – expected within days – to lift restrictions. However, they received assurances from the health department that Recommendation Don’t spend money on vulnerable groups (elderly, children and sick people).

focus, a mystery

The source of the contamination remains unknown. The Ebro Hydrological Consortium (CHE) conducted an analysis on the 10th of the discharge from the riverbed in the Soria region and the Vozmediano fish farm, which is the possible source of the much-anticipated problem. Result of missing protozoathey noted from the DGA yesterday.

This conclusion is different from that reached by samples collected by the Ematsa laboratory on September 26 at the initiative of the district administration. At that time, high levels of Cryptosporidium oocysts were detected, establishing the source of contamination as being in the Soria part of Quils.

Tarazona Mayor Tono Jarre insisted yesterday that the investigation needed to continue until the focus of the outbreak was found. “We have insisted from the beginning that we must see it through to the endCity Council’s intention is to demand accountabilityHe said. He noted that the National Guard Nature Conservation Service (Seprona) had recently obtained the information needed to continue its investigation.

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