Vaccination campaign against coronavirus and influenza begins in Leon nursing home

The leaves are starting to fall, the landscape is turning ochre, and vaccination campaigns against coronavirus and influenza are beginning. Autumn has arrived, and with it, appointments have now become routine for Leon’s health services to vaccinate the most vulnerable against two viruses that challenge the health system every cold season.

The Leonites who live in the Almunia Senior Residences, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, were prepared from the start to undergo two punctures that will protect them from serious infections this fall and winter. The vaccination campaign will begin on Tuesday in the province’s residential centers and is expected to vaccinate approximately 4,700 residents and the social health staff working with them.

On October 10, the whole society

The vaccination will not be available to the rest of society until next Tuesday, October 10, and they will be able to make an appointment at their health center, mainly for people over 60 years old and those with good health conditions. The main novelty of the campaign is the provision of intramuscular vaccination for children aged six months to two years and intranasal vaccination for children aged two to six years and for smokers.

The goal is to reduce mortality and avoid the collapse of a health system that faces the challenge of dealing with infections caused by these viruses every fall.

Last year, 127,727 Leónians were vaccinated during the campaign, accounting for just over 28% of the province’s total population. Leon Council representative Eduardo Diego used the opportunity to encourage all residents to participate in the event for two reasons. «First of all, because personally it is positive to protect yourself from possible complications. Secondly, out of solidarity with society as a whole,” he noted.

COVID-19 rebound

The movement appears to be “fundamental” this year, even more so at a time when the incidence of viruses such as COVID-19 is similar to the levels recorded in November 2021. “The difference is that because of vaccination, cases are no longer” they’re taking very seriously and people think they’re much better than they were a few years ago. ” explains Ana Rivero, Director of Nursing in Leon.

In order to control the situation, he recommended continuing to implement “all the measures that we have forgotten, such as wearing masks or social distancing with the elderly or nurses”, which actions are “not mandatory but advisory”. “

Ready to be vaccinated ‘for anything’

Cesar was one of the residents who received both vaccines on Tuesday. A native of Riofrio de Orwego, he was 91 years old, passionate about his work and did not hesitate to undergo two piercings. “I’m ready to get vaccinated, no matter what,” he said into the Leonoticias microphone before walking into the room where two nurses were waiting to vaccinate his arms.

Pierced twice and “run”, Cesar said happily, ready to continue his painting work. “Anything for the sake of life, to cheer us up, is good,” he concluded after leaving the room and returning to his daily routine, now protected from the virus.

Almost all Almunia residents agree to take both vaccines, which is a positive movement for them and their safety. Another resident, Imelda, told us that the sport is crucial to her as she has contracted COVID-19 multiple times and suffered the consequences. “I see this very clearly because this is what we need to avoid getting COVID like a pandemic,” he said, like Vesey, another resident who celebrated getting vaccinated “to prevent us from getting any disease.” .

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