Vaccination campaigns against influenza and COVID-19 have begun and will continue until December 15

On Monday, Melilla started a vaccination campaign with booster doses against influenza and coronavirus, which will last until December 15. Minister of Social Policy and Public Health Randa Mohamed made the announcement at a press conference this morning.

Who should get the flu and COVID-19 vaccinations?

Influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations are available to people over 60 years old, people aged 5 and over living in nursing homes and disability centres, and people under 60 years old with life-threatening illnesses.risks like women Pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy and postpartum women, Living with someone who is highly immunosuppressedstaff in public and private health and social care centres, Staff of the National Security Forces and Corps Have national, regional or local dependencies, Firemen and service civil protection.

Only for people vaccinated against influenza

In addition to the above-mentioned groups, there are other groups that are only targeted for influenza vaccination. These are the population of children aged 6 to 59 months, People 5 to 18 years of age receiving long-term acetylsalicylic acid treatment, Students doing internships at the Center for Health and Social Care, People who have direct professional contact with animals or secretions from poultry, pig or mink farms or farms or from wild animals (birds, wild boars or mustelids) such as livestock farmers, veterinarians, farm workers, hunters, ornithologists, conservationists, zoo workers etc., in addition smoker.

In this sense, Randa Mohammed emphasized the importance of vaccination, not only to protect those who receive it, but also to protect those around them. He added: “We hope and expect that all vaccination target groups are aware that vaccination not only protects the person who receives it, but also prevents the spread of influenza to those around them.”

Bronchiolitis vaccination

Likewise, the Minister of Social Policy recalled that earlier this month, a child protection campaign against respiratory syncytial virus, commonly known as bronchiolitis, was also launched for all children born on or after April 1 of this year. With this new drug, only one dose is needed instead of the five doses used so far.

All parents who want to apply must do so at their health center and Muface beneficiaries can apply at Rusadir Clinic. People born in October will be vaccinated at regional hospitals, and those who have not yet been vaccinated for logistical reasons should go to a reference health center.

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