Vaccination efforts continue at Giraldo Plant 1

Within the framework of the vaccination operation for cooperatives, trade unions, trade unions and factories, and with the coordinated efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour, a vaccination operation was carried out this Monday for the workers of the textile factory No. 1 in Cerado.

In the reference, Dr. Silvia de Donatis comments: “We have a complete work schedule in different factories, different cooperatives and prisons, and every day we operate to complete the plan and Remember, in order to be well protected, we have to have vaccinations every day, we have to remember that there are COVID-19 cases, which have increased by about 150% in the last week, and we use this facility to complete the plan.”

He explained that with the application of hepatitis B vaccine, double adult vaccine, and new crown vaccine, “we found that there are a lot of people who have the ability to get vaccinated, but for different reasons they did not go to get vaccinated. We use these actions, we have a team” He started getting vaccinated,” he said when contacted by Independent Media.

He emphasized, “It is wrong to think that the epidemic is over and we will no longer vaccinate; we must update the calendar in time according to the new crown vaccination plan, and everyone over the age of 50 is vaccinated.” Risk groups need to be vaccinated at least in the past. Get one dose within 6 months, if not available, you can go to any health center near your home, minors and teenagers also need to get one dose of corona vaccine every year. “

“We must remember that there are specific vaccines for every step of our lives. We have no shortage of vaccines, our vaccine program is one of the most complete and complex in the world and we ask the whole family to come to our vaccination centers Come visit us. ”


Vaccinations will be administered at the Hualco facility on Tuesday, and at the Provincial Prison Service on Thursday, Friday and Monday.

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