Vaccination Tents Continue to Provide Free Vaccines to Tucumanians in Microcenters – Tucumán Department of Public Health

Public Health Secretary Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz visited the tent on the Muñécas pedestrian street today and said it was important because a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine given today can provide immunity for the whole year and half of next year. .

“We are grateful to the community who believed in us and got vaccinated. We congratulate the staff who worked on the Walk today because it was Saturday, they got vaccinated with empathy and a lot of professionalism. As of noon, we have vaccinated about 110 people with flu , COVID-19, Pneumonia, etc. patients have had more than 200 doses of vaccines. We are happy and we will continue to be close to the masses in this way. We have equipment to see which vaccines the person is missing by file number so they can complete the calendar ’, explained the minister, who also commented that they were accompanying a laboratory enterprise whose motto was ‘The post is for the vaccination”. “We agree with that. If we get vaccinated, we’ll be healthier,” he added.

Dr. Elena Hurtado, director of children and youth, said it was important that people have the possibility to complete their program quickly and for free: “A person who is doing surgery or something at the center, you Immunizations can be approached quickly, without long lines or carrying documents other than ID. Our system will know what dose they need and they will place it immediately.”

Also present during the procedure was Dr. Ricardo Cortés, head of Siprosa’s immunization department. He sees it as a tool that allows people to check their vaccination schedule while they are at the center. “In the province’s nominal load system, we have information about how many doses each person needs. We’re in an exceptional period of respiratory virus transmission, and we have all the vaccines against that virus. The Vaccine Institute is also there, and they promote immunization And consult with us”, he emphasizes.


Zaira Sosa (20) went to the tent and received a third dose of hepatitis while doing some paperwork at the microcentre. “I had to go around the hospital for the other two doses. It’s a time saver for me today to do it in such an easy and quick way. I study medicine and I know how important it is to people,” He said.

Finally, Aida said she also went to the tent and spoke to the minister: “I am very grateful for everything you do. I am a tumor patient and I know how important it is to take care of your health. The Ministry provided us with Such conveniences, but we have to respond to that because sometimes we don’t know how to take advantage of these opportunities.I trust God and public health to keep me healthy.

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