Vaccines for Clinical Practice and Health Professionals

The presentation was moderated by Dr. Karem Mendoza Salas, Dr. Ana Elena Limón Rojas, Secretary of Clinical Teaching, Medical Internship and Social Services, UNAM Faculty of Medicine, Point out that adults often believe their immune system remains strong due to childhood vaccinations. However, they are often unaware that this protective system tends to weaken over time, hence the importance of strengthening it: “Vaccination represents a high cost to the country, But it also means saving for the future because it prevents disease“.

He also mentioned that adults should be protected against 14 diseases, including: herpes, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, papillomavirus, chickenpox, influenza and pneumococcus; in addition, The importance of vaccination of health personnel was emphasized, as this group is particularly vulnerable due to exposure to wastethrough treatment, and even through interactions with the patients themselves, so the vaccine not only serves as personal protection, but also prevents them from getting sick or infecting other members of the team.

Karen Hernandez

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