Valentina Ferragni and Matteo Napoletano: because if she’s a few years older, it’s still taboo

After rumors, confirmation silence, extras in the same places, and stolen footage, the official has finally arrived: Valentina Ferragni and Matteo Napoletano – a couple. In recent weeks, a public photo posted (possibly by mistake?) by mother Marina Di Guardo, showing the 22-year-old model appearing at the Ferragni family’s table on the day of the celebration, has caused quite a stir: an appearance that a series of cross-searchings from loyal followers and paparazzi, which, however, never found valid evidence of a connection. Until now.

The youngest of the Ferragni sisters — a relationship with Luca Vézil now archived — actually posted a picture on her Instagram profile of herself with her new partner on holiday in St. Barths, with a caption that leaves very little behind. room for imagination. “Young (or should I say younger?), wild and free” read, that is: “Young (or should I say younger?) wild and free”.

9 years difference between them

The reference to the age difference between the two (Ferragni will turn 31 in December and is therefore 9 years older than Napoletano) is clear, and it appears to have been the case as well. age difference the reason for the privacy the couple still maintains in the relationship. Many of the comments have been circulated in recent weeks – as the news began to spread – and many others that have appeared under the click of two actually showed that andthere are still many people who are ready to turn up their noses when a woman decides to have a partner next to her who has a date of birth that follows her date on the ID card.

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The haters did not miss the opportunity to attack the influencer because the new boyfriend would be considered “too young”. But when the age difference in a relationship leans in favor of the woman, such comments are very rare.

because theage difference is it a one sided taboo?

The sister of the protagonist of the story took care to emphasize the issue: Francesca Ferragni. A dentist and influencer close to marrying Riccardo Nicoletti (and, according to someone, already expecting baby number 2), responded exemplarily to some of the offensive comments:Guys, Ricky is 8 years older than me and no one has ever commented! Because if the woman is older, that must be a problem?”

The question, in the light of what has been written, does arise spontaneously: why, when a woman gets older, relationships seem unbalanced, and sometimes even wrong? Anyone who wants to find an elegant justification for the taboo, for which there is really no reason, answers that physiologically the female universe has a higher consciousness than the male. In other words, women mature before their best halves. It need hardly be emphasized that each person is different and that levels of maturity can only be analyzed on an individual basis. Thus, this kind of answer cannot be correct, because – tritely – it is impossible to make such a discourse unambiguous and valid for every pair.

Is there still bias?

Analyzing the reality of the facts it is easy to understand what we are facing another case of poorly concealed general patriarchal influence. The man is still unconsciously considered the head of the family, the couple’s central fulcrum around which life choices and perhaps economic decisions revolve. It is easier to imagine a relationship in which he is an “adult”, one who is ready to take care of his partner and can count on superiority over her. When roles are reversed, a woman marks her independence and finds herself in a “beneficial” situation dictated by maturity, many thought patterns break down and it is difficult for her to accept this idea. However, even in this case, we are dealing with cultural heritage and constructions of the mind, which do not correspond much to reality.

Star couples in which she is several years older than him

Among Italian couples, for example, there are Georgia and her partner: dancer and prof. From Friends Emmanuel Lo. There are eight years of difference between them, and the singer has repeatedly stated that she doubted the beginning of their story precisely because of this distance between generations. The couple have been together for the past nineteen years, and in 2010, Samuel was born from their love.

Fiorella Mannoia is twenty-six years older than Carlo Di Francesco. Their story developed in full swing and remained out of sight for almost fifteen years, and in 2021 they also got married. The relationship between Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini is more social. The dancer is ten years older than her current partner and for this reason she is often targeted, as was the case with Valentina Ferragni. Not only that: Satta, according to some haters, would unnecessarily distract the tennis player from his sports obligations and this would explain the unfortunate moment that Berrettini is experiencing on the field. It’s amazing to even write.

Andrea Delugu and his partner Luigi Bruno are sixteen years apart. and they recently celebrated their second anniversary together, more united and more in love than ever.

Even abroad, there are examples of famous couples with a difference of several years.

Heidi Klum is sixteen years older than her husband Tom Kaulitz, with whom she has been very happy since 2019. Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Ferns (thirteen years apart) have been married for 27 years, and Julianne is married. Moore and Bart Freundlich, 27 years old, ten years apart and two children.

The most famous Ken in cinema, Ryan Gosling, who is now enjoying a golden moment in his career, is six years younger than his wife and mother of his children: costar Eva Mendes. These two don’t really like to get involved in the Hollywood high life, but they are a very close-knit couple.

No shortage of examples age difference in love even at the institutional level: between Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, the difference is twenty-four years. Although they have known each other since high school (when she was his teacher) and have been married for 16 years, the difference between their generations is often highlighted. Even the Dukes of Sussex are not the same age, although Meghan Markle is only a few years older than her husband. Prince Harry is actually three years younger than the former actress. Suits.

All these examples of ongoing complicity serve only to confirm that love over a long age distance – when a woman is older – is not only possible, but can also be strong and lasting. The one between Valentina Ferragni and Matteo Napoletano was born recently and needs protection from bad weather and gossip. The time has come, as in every story, to tell us whether the fleeting summer flame or the burning fire that will accompany the influencer and model for a long time. Of course, however, so far this does not deserve anything but respect, because happiness is certainly not a matter of the registry office.

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