Valentina Vignali as Pamela Anderson: The Explosive Bi Side

Valentina Vignali, a swimsuit with a deep and very high neckline, drives the like counter crazy: this is a comparison with Pamela Anderson.

Top. There is no other way to determine Valentina Vignali, who falls asleep in the place of sleep and wakes up the next day in an even more heavenly place than the previous one. Now she travels and goes on vacation from work, almost becoming a full-fledged travel influencer.


And so this summer he made a lot of tours to wonderful places. From Bormio to Ibiza, after various journeys across the ocean, she finally landed in Sardiniawhile enjoying the sea and sunny beaches. Between boat trips and vibrant nightlife, the basketball player has a great time. As always, because being a guy fizzy and explosive who knows how to enjoy life and every moment of these fantastic trips around the world. It’s so well documented at times that it feels like you’re there with her. And perhaps it was true.

Fortunately, there is no one more active than her on social networks, and that her profile is full of pictures and videos of her vacation. Instagram. Vignali loves to involve her followers and it is for this reason, especially in recent days, that she wanted to share with them various fragments of this escape to Sardinia.

Valentina Vignali’s costume will leave you breathless

We saw her in a variety of guises, and in each of them, let’s face it, we liked it. with physique and curves that he finds himself – and to say that he often shamefully becomes a victim body shameunfortunately, but that’s another story – on the other hand, what she’s wearing seems to have been sewn onto her.


Whether it’s a tracksuit or an evening dress, a formal suit or a daring outfit that reflects his personality, it doesn’t matter. Vignali is liked because she is sincere and spontaneous, and because, let’s say, her curvaceous body is a feast for the eyes of those who encounter her social content.

Imagine what happens when you pose in a suit. Whether it’s a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini top, there’s nothing better to flatter her enviable physique. The one she wore yesterday, with a deep and very high neckline, winked at the red model she wore Pamela Anderson – to which she ironically compared herself – and just insanely showed her cleavage. An authentic and unforgettable vision.

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