Venice 2023, Emma Stone as Frankenstein (and more)

Although her performance is one of the most anticipated in Venice 80, Arizona actress Emma Stone, a former Oscar winner for the film La La Land, will not come back at the Venice Film Festival due to the actors’ strike, he already announced it: the film Poor creatures! He will have to stand on his own feet, without the support of the actors. Here we trace his most famous transformations as the new film continues to generate buzz in Italy and abroad.

Poor creatures!

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Yorgos Lanthimos//Disney

Emma Stone aims for Volpi Cup with film poor creatures! Yorgos Lanthimos, which sees her as the protagonist as the female Frankenstein monster. More or less: his Bella Baxter is brought back to life by Dr. Godwin Buster (Willem Dafoe). However, the young lady breaks off relations with Duncan (Mark Ruffalo), a fraudulent lawyer. Based on the bestselling book by Alasdair Grey, this is actually a story of female emancipation, unexpected and very bold.

La La Land

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A glorious trip to the Oscars La La Land (now available on Raiplay) launched directly at the Venice Film Festival. It was 2016 and this premiere changed his life and career. And not only because he won the coveted statuette for the first time, but because he played the film of the year, setting several records. Now the film’s director Damien Chazelle is heading the competition jury and will in turn have the right to crown another project. A (private) gala evening at the Danieli Hotel is dedicated to the director with themed food and wine titled “Beautiful Night. Stars over Venice”, which will open the dances of the Exhibition in the presence of the director on 29 August. The soundtrack will be La La Landwhich is essentially a love story between the two main characters, Mia and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), but also a love letter to movie history.

Most lovely

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20th century fox//20th century studios

The actress also presented the film in Venice (now on Disney+) and was nominated for an Academy Award for this role (“against” Olivia Colman had nothing to do). Movie (as Poor creatures!) directed by Lanthimos: she plays an eighteenth-century woman who rubs herself into the graces of a queen. She also becomes her lover and receives the title of Lady. In this case, his opponent was his cousin Sarah (Rachel Weisz): the fight to become Her Majesty’s “favorite” becomes unhindered.

Crazy stupid love

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WELL GLASS//Warner Bros.

If she had been born a little earlier, perhaps Emma Stone would have undermined Meg Ryan’s authority. “Beloved America” He’s had quite a few rom-coms, though, but this one (Netflix), again with Ryan Gosling, offers some epic moments. He, Jacob, is sort of a “seduction expert”, but she, Hannah, is heartbroken and doesn’t trust him. Here is the “secret weapon” which is to capture Dirty Dancing flight of an angel.


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How to become a villain? He tells it very well. Cruella (Disney+), origin story 101 dalmatians. Emma Stone plays the classic live-action plastic villain. It may be her way of making fun of it, but she had a lot of fun playing the role of budding young designer Estella, poised to dethrone the world’s most beloved and intimidating designer, played by Emma Thompson, Baroness Von Hellman. The dresses were designed by creative genius Jenny Bevan, who won an Academy Award for best costume design of the season.


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Among her best roles, even if she often remains in the background, is the role of Sam, the daughter of an unsuccessful actor (Michael Keaton), who decides to star in a Broadway play in an attempt to regain her former glory. Stone has repeatedly said how difficult it was to shoot his scenes, given that Iñárritu’s film has only 16 cuts to give an idea of ​​a film shot in one take. With every slightest mistake, almost everything had to be redone.

The Incredible Spiderman

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20th century studios

On the set of a comic book movie, he fell in love with Andrew Garfield-Spider-Man. (film is now on Netflix). It didn’t last forever like in fairy tales, Stone found his happy ending with Dave McCarey, whom he married in 2020. His Gwen Stacy became memorable in this adaptation of the comic book among the best of all time.

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