Venice 2023: stars on the red carpet with brunette hair

land big surprises on the red carpet Venice 2023 are hair brunette of the latest generation. First, an ultra-chic makeover Ilari Blasi, who proudly displays long soft hair dyed dark brown. While the supermodel Adriana Lima offers the perfect solution to enhance a dark shade with a cool and unexpected chignon.

Venice 2023: the most beautiful beauty looks from the first red carpet

Venice 2023: the most beautiful beauty looks from the first red carpet

Brunettes triumph in Venice 2023

One evening after another Venice 80 the dominant beauty trends of the return to the city are changing. Fresh from a yacht charter and a relaxing break on pristine peaks, the stars invited to the Lagoon Film Festival are in a state of grace. At the event Filming Italy Award for Best Film 2023 all flashes for an ex lady Tottialmost unrecognizable in her super-sophisticated new fall look with dark coloration never tried before. However, there is an ex who will compete for the scepter of the brunette queen. Victoria’s Secret Angelwith a minimalist cut adorned with ultra-cool details.

Ilari Blasi: a new hairstyle in the style of Jolie

Archived history rolexand hush up the ups and downs of history with Bastian MüllerThe 42-year-old dancer decides to make a sensational comeback. The new beauty look is a page-turning manifesto in every sense, the mood chosen to be shown on the Venetian red carpet is a hymn to the allure of dark hair.

Venice 2023 hair

The new Ilari, who wore platinum blonde until at least mid-August, is reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s sophisticated hairstyle based on subtle hues like light brown with light reflections of amber and gold. Hair looks like side row provides loose hair certain waves. The effect is obtained thanks to Dress modeling liquid from Hair Cotril.

Adriana Lima, new romantic chignon

Brazilian supermodel (she, like Blasi, also 42 years old) reaffirms herself as a champion black hair with the hairstyle chosen for the movie premiere Murderer. On an evening when the absence of Hollywood stars is conspicuous, she lights up the red carpet with an elegant and by no means banal hairstyle. So beautiful and modern that in an instant drowns out all the criticism about her weight gain after the birth of her third child.

Photo by Dominic Charrio/WireImage

long hair in shade of dark chocolate they are collected in a low chignon, which has a twisted and voluminous structure.

There middle row up to half the head, this is the perfect excuse to ride the wet line trend that has reigned at the Venice Film Festival since its early days. But, despite the extreme minimalism, the supermodel retains its individuality. double strands on the sides of the forehead. A modern, romantic touch that complements the gorgeous look of the kayal.


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