Venice 80, full program of the exhibition

Eightieth edition Venice International Film Festival is at the door. The review in the setting of the Lido will take place from from August 30 to September 9 With plan officially announced today on presentation, press conference on the Biennale channel.

To open the presentation, click President of the Biennale, Robert Cicutto: “Despite the unrest caused by the strike of actors and screenwriters in the United States, the Venice Film Festival is eighty years old. She is smart, always finds how to celebrate herself: last year it was ninety years since its founding, this year it is eightieth. We want the exhibition to be directed towards the future, not frightened by technological changes or interference from devices other than ours, but an exhibition that knows how to live in the historical events that distinguish it. The Lido presents important new features: The Sala Perla has not become the most beautiful on the Lido, but has been completely renovated in terms of accessibility, habitability and furnishing. To the delight of the photographers, the photo shoot was moved back to the casino.”

“The strike took us by surprise” – He says Alberto Barbera, artistic director of the exhibition“It was not easy to consolidate a program that seemed to be over. The impact of the strike, which apparently has good and widely shared reasons, has been modest at the show. The only movie we missed was wonderful ApplicantsFrom Luca Guadagninothe commercial release of which has been pushed back to 2024. It will be Commander From Edward DeAngelis to replace it. All other films will be present in the Festival program, so I thank the authors and directors who will be present at the world premiere of their films. A few stars will be absent – striking actors who have joined the SAG – but actors involved in independent productions will be present. The festival will not be autarkic, but representative of international cinema.. In terms of numbers, 54 countries were represented in Venice’s official selection: 2,703 films made by men, which is about 66% of the total, and 1,298 films made by women, or about 32%. Yes a small percentage of directors who did not declare a genre: I’m 60.




year of the egg Claudio Casale

fiery dream Jose Pablo Escamilla

Arnie Dorka Vermes


28 projects in the competition

10 projects out of competition – Best of Venice Immersive

6 projects developed as part of the College Cinema Biennale – VR

24 selected worlds in the Gallery of Worlds



Bill Douglas – My best friend Jack Archer

Hitchcock’s film “About the Nazis” by Daphne Bayvir

Thank you very much Alex Braverman

Landrian Ernesto Daranas Serrano

Another Italy was possible, cinema by Giuseppe De Santis Steve Della Casa

Michel Gondry DIY Francozi Nemetha

Ken Jacobs – From Orchard Street to the Museum of Modern Art Fred Riedel

Dario Argento Panic Simone Skafidi

Frank CapraMr America Matthew Wells


Aitana Marina Alberti

Sea salt by Leila Basma

short trip Author: Erenik Beqiri

Et si le soleil plongeait dans l’océan des nues Wissam Charaf

wander, wonder Nina Ganz

Meatmonger Margherita Giusti

divas Aldo Juliano

Boys area by Iggy London

Cross my heart and hope to die Sam Manaksa

In the shade of a cypress Hossein Molaemi, Shirin Sokhani

History of Bogotá Esteban Pedraza

sentimental stories Xandra Popescu

Short story by Wu Lang


In the open sky Mariana Arriaga, Santiago Arriaga

El Paraiso Enrico Maria Artale

Oura el-Jbel (Beyond the Mountains) Mohames Ben Attia

red suitcase Fidel Devkota

Tatami Guy Nattiv, King Amir Ebrahimi

Paradisit Brynner (Paradise is burning) Mika Gustafson

Feather-weight Robert Kolodny

Invelle Simone Massi

Hesitation wound written by Selman Nakar

Heartless Nara Normand, Tian

Endless Sunday Alain Parroni

Wind City Author: Lhagvadulam Purev-Ochir

Explanation for everything Gabor Reis

Gasoline Rainbow Bill and Turner Ross

Servant of the night Celine Rouze

Housekeeping for beginners Goran Stolevski

Hokage (Shadow of Fire) Shinya Tsukamoto

Yurt (dormitory) by Nehir Tuna


Botha Jone Luana Byrami

Forever forever author Anna Buryachkova

El Rapto (Rescue) by Daniela Goggi

Fight Day Jack Huston

In the land of saints and sinners Robert Lorenz

Happiness Michaela Ramazzotti

The boys from the pet shop Olmo Schnabel

Stolen Karan Tejpal

Man from Argil Anais Tellen


The lion’s share: the history of the exhibition Baptiste Echegaray and Giuseppe Buchi


Of silver and blood (eps 1–12) Xavier Giannoli, Frédéric Planchon

I know your soul (ep 1-2) created by Jasmila Zbanic, Damir Ibrahimovic, directed by Alen Drevich, Nermin Hamzagic


Love Virginia Eleutheri Serpieri

Before Guernica (Integral version) by Yervant Dzhanikyan and Angela Ricci Lucca

Hollywoodgate Ibrahim Nashat

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus Neo Sora

Enzo Jannacci, I’ll come too Giorgio Verdelli

Menu Plaisirs – Les Troisgros Frederick Wiseman


Snow Society by J. A. Bayona – final film

Coupe de Chance written by Woody Allen

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Wes Anderson (with Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley)

Penitent Luca Barbareschi

Order of time From Liliana Cavani, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

alive Alix Delaporte

Welcome to Paradise Leonardo DiCostanzo

Yesaaaali! Quentin Dupier

Kane Mutiny Court Martial William Friedkin

Manufacturing Cedric Kahn

Agro Dr1ft from Harmony Korin

Hitman Richard Linklater

Castle Roman Polanski

Xue Bao Tibetan Pema Tseden


Commander Edoardo De Angelis

Bastarden (Promised Land) Nikolai Arcel

dog man Luc Besson

La Beth Bertrand Bonello

Horse Season Stefan Brize

Aeneas Pietro Castellitto (with Pietro Castellitto, Benedetta Porcaroli and Sergio Castellitto)

Owner Bradley Cooper (with Carey Mulligan, Maia Hawke, Bradley Cooper)

Priscilla Sofia Coppola (with Kaylie Spaeny and Jacob Elordi)

Finally dawn Saverio Costanzo

Ljubo George Wrights

Source by Ava DuVernay

Murderer David Fincher (with Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton)

Memory Michelle Franco (with Jessica Chastain, Peter Sarsgaard)

I am the captain Matteo Garrone

green border by Agnieszka Holland

Von Allem’s theory Timm Kroeger

Poor things Yorgos Lanthimos (with Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe)

El Conde Pablo Larrain

ferrari Michael Mann (with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz)

Slowly Stefano Sollima (with Pierfrancesco Favino, Toni Servillo)

Kobieta Z…(Female) Malgorzata Szumowska, Michal Englert

Holly Author: Fien Troch

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