Venice Film Festival 2023: what are the most anticipated films and which stars will take part in the event

The 80th Venice International Film Festival will take place from 30 August to 9 September.

A few more days until August 30 Venice International Film Festival. An event full of great films is expected, including great international directors and the most beloved Italian filmmakers.

In Venice we will see Woody Allen, David Fincher, Bradley Cooper again as a director, Saverio Costanzo, Matteo Garrone and many more.

Venice Film Festival: most anticipated films: great Italian and international directors

The Venice International Film Festival is back for its 80th time. The long-awaited event that closes the summer season. Despite the strike of American actors this year made the organizers of the event trembleA few hours before the start of the exhibition, the number of visitors seems to be more than decent.

Wes Anderson will also be in Venice. after “City of Asteroids” at the competition in Cannes. The director arrives in the Lido with a 40-minute short film, again produced by Netflix. It is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s short story “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Dev Patel, Rupert Friend and Ben Kingsley.

Directed by Wes Anderson (photo by Ansa) –

Roman Polanski 4 years after The Officer and the Spy Venice returns with the “Palace”. A film with a sharp and dark satire about a group of very wealthy characters who are guests of a hotel in Switzerland on the occasion of the New Year 2000. The hotel manager must satisfy all the needs of distinguished and quirky guests and the situation takes an unexpected turn.

The great return of Bradley Cooper who hit the Lido in 2018 with the song A Star Is Born. Cooper’s second feature film chronicles the life and career of composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein in Maestro. Cooper himself plays the main character, while his wife has the face of Carey Mulligan. Another Netflix product.

Instead, Pietro Castellitto brings the Aeneas to Venice. his second job. A very special tale of friendship, crime and drugs that carries the story of a disastrous family: “A melancholy father, a brother who fights at school, a mother defeated by love, and a beautiful girl.”

Another Italian title This is Saverio Costanzo, Dawn at Last that, as the synopsis says, “A day trip of a girl who, in Cinechitta of the 50s, becomes the protagonist of an unforgettable watch that will transform her from a girl into a woman.”

Poster for Garrone’s “Io Capitano” (photo by Ansa) –

23 years after Roman’s Estate, Matteo Garrone represents Venice “I am the captain”. The film tells the story of two boys, Seydou and Moussa, who leave Dakar to reach Europe and a better place to live. In the film, Garrone shows through the eyes of the two main characters: what it means to face this terrible journey, what are the horrors of detention centers and the dangers of the sea. The film will be in theaters on September 7th.

Visionary Yorgos Lanthimos is also in Venice. with “The Poor”. Emma Stone as a Frankenstein woman who runs from her creator, Mark Ruffalo, to see the world. Five years ago, Lanthimos was on the beach with The Favourite, the Greek director’s new work, which will be released on October 12th.

After Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Sofia Coppola is also coming. with her “Priscilla” and the point of view of the wife of the king of rock, which history has always somewhat overlooked. Interpreted by Salee Spaeny and played by Elvis Jacob Elordi.

David Fincher returns to Venice with his long-awaited “Killer”. A film noir starring Michael Fassbender as a ruthless killer in which he reveals his psychological abyss, the author described it this way: “A brutal, elegant and bloodthirsty noir about a professional killer in a world that has lost its moral compass. A lone man, armed to the teeth, slowly sinking into madness.” Tilda Swinton also plays the title role.

Instead, Michael Mann brings the Ferrari to the Venetian Lido. The story of Enzo Ferrari, who, after his bankruptcy, bet everything he has on the Mille Miglia car race. It stars Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and his wife Penélope Cruz. Patrick Depsey, Hugh Jackman and Shailene Woodley. One of the most anticipated films of the Venice Film Festival. The magnificent return of a director who has been absent from theaters for eight years.

Actor Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s film (photo by Ansa) –

Out-of-competition film “Aggro Dr1ft” by Harmony Korine. film which, according to exhibition director Alberto Barbera “This is more than a film, this is a contemporary work of art that could be exhibited in the pavilion of the Arte Biennale”. Very little is known about the film other than that Travis Scott is in the cast alongside Spaniard Jordi Molla.

Another great artist out of competition Woody Allen with the French-language film Coup de Chance, the American director’s 50th film. Photography curated by Vittorio Storaro. The story follows a triangle made up of Jean (Melville Poupeau) and Fanny (Lou de Laage), a married couple and her former classmate Alain (Niels Schneider).

From this situation various misunderstandings arise, as in the best Allenic tradition. Storaro wanted to clarify that: “The script masterfully blends drama and comedy, calibrating them differently each time. I can say that this is happening in the present, there will be not only laughter, but also dark sensations.

The stars were present in Venice at the exhibition Mostra del Cinema

From the credits and the main characters of the film, we can conclude that the red carpet will be very rich and even more than that. Besides movie stars like Adam Driver, Caylee Spaeny, Jacob Elordi, Pietro Castellitto will also be in attendance and other stars. Mads Mikkelsen, Jessica Chastain, Pierfrancesco Favino, Toni Servillo, Adriano Giannini and Valerio Mastrandrea.

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