Venice Film Festival, Damien Chazelle Supports Hollywood Strike

THATThe young Oscar-winning director, chairman of the competition jury, appears in a mobilization T-shirt and speaks at a press conference with the message: “Every work of art has a value.”

Actors and screenwriters strike Hollywood breaks into Venice Film Festival. It happens through voice. Damien Chazelle, young director, Oscar winner, chairman of the competition jury.

Wearing a strike shirt at a press conference

Damien Chazelle showed up at the Venice-80 opening press conference with a pro-strike T-shirt underneath the ordinance jacket. “The Writers Guild is on strike” this is the letter you are reading. The director told the journalists present about the difficult situation that has developed for several days abroad.


“I wanted to find a way to draw attention to this struggle while we are celebrating cinema here,” Chazelle explained. “The idea behind this protest is that every work of art has value in itself and it’s not just a piece of content that can be inserted into the stream, an idea that’s all the rage in Hollywood right now. Art, who creates art, and how art is sustainable for the people who create it are concepts that have become somewhat blurred in recent years. There are many issues on the agenda, but this one represents the heart. The battle for residual rights and why people get fair compensation it is important. Times are tough in Hollywood, not only for the striking colleagues, but for all the other crew members affected by the situation.”

Who is Damien Chazelle

Damien Chazelle is the youngest President of the Jury in the history of the Venice Film Festival. Born in 1995, half-Canadian, half-French, but holding an American citizenship, during his tumultuous career, he has received 14 Oscar nominations, six wonincluding best director for the musical film La La Land. The last title written and staged by Chazelle is Babylon.

The rest of the jury

The other members of the jury were also wearing the same T-shirts with the strike inscription. Laura Poitras, Golden Lion in Venice 79 with “All beauty and bloodshed”, e Martin McDonagh, director of the project “Spirits of the Island”. The international jury also includes Saleh Bakri, Jane Campion, Mia Hansen-Löwe, Gabriele Mainetti, Santiago Mitre and Shu Qi. They will present the Golden Lion and the main prizes, as well as judge 23 films of the competition, 6 of which are Italian.

Strike in Hollywood and Venice in the 80s.

The strike greatly affected the celebrity presence in Venice. For example, they forced the Challengers Luca Guadagninostarring Zendaya, which will be filmed as the opening film of the event. There will be no stars like Bradley Cooper (“Master”) ed. Emma Stone (“Poor things”). However, the festival may promote films already released in traditional formats, as well as independent films. It means that Adam Driver (“Ferrari”), the cast of “Priscilla” Sofia Coppola and others will walk the red carpet.

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