Venice Film Festival, Golden Lion for Irreverent Poor People with Emma Stone. Garrone is Argento directing Io Capitano. Here are all the prizes

No surprises, but there’s a lot of balance in Damien Chazelle&Co’s verdict. The second step of the podium with the Silver Lion – the Grand Jury Prize for Ryusuke Hamaguchi for “Evil Does Not Exist” is well deserved. Garrone is Argento directing Io Capitano. Special prize also for migrants between Belarus and Poland, presented by Holland in the “Green Border”

Provocative, sensual and extravagant Golden Lion. Poor things Greek Yorgos Lanthimos this is a film that has won 80th Venice International Film Festival. To gluing, therefore, Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prizeanother masterpiece in the competition: Evil doesn’t exist Japanese Oscar winner Ryusuke Hamaguchi. TO Matteo Garrone and its most powerful I’m the captain goes instead Silver Lion for Best Directorbut also Mastroianni Prize Best Emerging Actor for a Seventeen-Year-Old Senegalese Seydoux Sarr. There Volpi Cup winning the category “Best Actress She Sees” Cailee Spaeny what in Priscilla Sofia Coppola plays the teenage wife of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll since she became engaged to Elvis at 14 and lived with him at Graceland throughout the Sixties until their split in the early Seventies.

Peter Sarsgaardmain character Memory (a very memorable film by Michel Franco), barely gets a title Volpi Cup for Best Actor after the fight until the last vote, when the winner already seemed Franz Rogowski From Lubo. They also receive a bonus Green border 74 year old Polish woman Agnieszka Holland (Special Jury Prize) e Pablo Larrainco-writer with Guillermo Calderon for the script El Conde, not a particularly memorable title in the Chilean director’s thriving career.

However, despite two or three rather lackluster selections, the list of winners is fair and balanced. Poor things Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, who has already taught us to surprise us Most lovely, was only able to take home the Golden Lion. Ahead of all the predictions of domestic and international critics, the brazen, twisted and slightly lurid playfulness of this film amazed everyone from the first frames. Where alone Emma Stone Frankenstein’s model, a child’s brain in the body of a beautiful girl, must learn to walk, eat, talk and understand her sexual instincts. A bold story, full of wide angles, very tight black and white and then bright colors, about the coming of age of Bella (Emma Stone, who gives herself completely) in the Victorian steampunk era, it is a triumph of brazen sexual freedom into femininity in the face of limited and stupid masculinity.

We’ve talked about Garrone’s strong comeback here. I’m the captain is the epic fairytale adventure of two Senegalese teenagers to Italy and Europe, turned black by the criminal and deadly migratory trade from Africa to the West, crossing deserts and torture camps. A film that focuses on the dreams and desires, even Pinocchio-like, of two boys while at the same time asking the viewer about the spectacular violence associated with human trafficking in Africa. Mastroianni’s award to the distinguished Seydou Sarre caps the Venetian expedition of an Italian writer who lately seems a little stuck in the shallows of mannerism, which is to some extent an end in itself.

Grand Jury Prize “Silver Lion” Hamaguchi (I press Oscar For Drive my car) does not make a flaw. Evil doesn’t exist it’s an aesthetic and political compilation of rare excellence, centered on the quiet, gentle rebellion of a group of Japanese mountaineers who see emissaries of a construction company marching toward their village, wanting to cut down the forest, divert the water, and make it a glamping site for wealthy tourists. Finally, it must be said that an award, albeit a large one, from six Italian films in competition, is not exactly a great success for an Italian production. Commander De Angelis, Aeneas Castellitto-e Finally dawn Costanzo makes great festival films. And despite some shortcomings, this is true. Lubo rights that Slowly Sollima certainly didn’t disfigure him. But they were all left empty-handed.

Golden Lion for Best Film: Poor Yorgos Lanthimos.

Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize: Ryusuke Hamaguchi Evil does not exist.

Silver Lion – Best Director Award: I am captain Matteo Garrone

Volpi Cup for best female performance: Cailee Spaeny in Priscilla

Volpi Cup for best male performance: Peter Sarsgaard in memory

Special Jury Prize: Green border by Agnieska Holland.

Best Screenplay Award: Pablo Larrain and Guillermo Calderon for El Conde

Marcello Mastroianni Award for Emerging Young Actor or Actress: Seydou Sarr for I Captain

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