Venice Report Card 80: Series 1

Movies seen so far (the lion’s share of “Poor Man” Lanthimos), Carla Bruni chasing flies, parties in Barbieland and the usual “drama”: eating at the Lido.

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Yorgos Lanthimos is currently the favorite. His Poor things (from us in January 2024 with the title Poor beings!) Thisinstantly cool classic exhibitions: very correct and very relevant topics (fto hell with patriarchy!), dizzying Emma Stone and a tutu Barbie punk that excites moviegoers and non-movie fans alike. The road to September 9, the day of the awards ceremony, is still far away, but it has no real rivals yet. Liked dog man, drama deliberately smashed Luc Besson, and his main character (Caleb Landry Jones) races to the Volpi Cup, but he barks, not roars. Great authors – Pablo Larrain, Michael Mann, David Fincher (we’ll open a separate sad chapter on Roman Polanski soon) – did well, but not very well, at least according to critics. Even Agro Dr1ft, the long-awaited new name for the cult song Harmony Korine feat. Travis Scott forces the accredited to the midnight show and makes a hole in the water (Laguna). Luckily, Wes Anderson’s delightful short was out of competition as the Italians were also in the competition, in particular Finally dawn Saverio Costanzo did not get the expected consensus in the Lido. There are three more left in the competition: I hope.


Venice strikes back

strikesin the sense of a strike of scriptwriters and, above all, of actors who changed the plans of the Festival. Nothing Zendaya/Guadagnino in the debut, and even “OwnerBradley Cooper (replaced by masked fan: artist Anyway present). At the moment, the most famous representatives of the crowd, which by no means gives up, are Adam Driver and Patrick Dempsey, faces ferrari. So the Italians will have to think about how to get back all the red carpet that they have. ‘or new’: Valerio Mastandrea wins outright who improvises the director à la Sollima on the red carpet Slowly doing”Commander“Field beans.


We don’t even eat this year

We have always written this, even in past years, with the illusion that we are sending a message that apparently never came. Eating on the Lido is always dramatic (especially after 10pm: and almost everyone still goes to cinemas to watch movies), it’s impossible to ask for separate receipts and it’s getting harder and harder to find decent sandwiches. Luckily, there is self-service for lunch on the beach (we don’t say what it’s called, otherwise we’ll play it too) only for Venetians DOC. However, on exhibition days, they like to pester accredited students looking for some spaghetti alla malamochina. In the evening, instead, everyone was like Umberto Veronesi: intermittent fasting and bed.


Come on, Barbie, let’s party!

THAT covid years they drastically dampened the enthusiasm of the revelers bustling between the city’s buildings and hotels on the Lido. Partying with great fanfare looks set to make a comeback this year. Campari reopens the magnificent Des Bains for a traditional spectacle, this time with à la style fetish assistants Querelle de Brest; Italian films are in second or third place. After dinner not bad. But apparently the final word comes from King Giorgio Armani with his fashion show and subsequent garlands at the Arsenal. We only needed clearer directions to get there (and faster bartenders), but between Benicio del Toro on the couch and Mark Ronson at the console with his hits straight out of Barbieland, it felt like we were at least momentarily revisiting the glory of the past. There are no more deaths in Venice: say, as a policeman.

Head of Polanski, we said. First problem: Castle comes after a big movie like Officer and spywhich even the usual disputes did not prevent from receiving the (deserved) Grand Jury Prize in Venice 2019. The second problem: about the genre of decadent tragicomedy with ugly and bored rich people, Ruben Östlund has already given the final word with his Triangle of sadness. Here only remains sadness for the Roman who might like to return to the grotesque cult Bitter Moon and instead he ends up with Christmas holidays in Gstaad between former porn star Luca Barbareschi named Bongo (!) and dog excrement. And that’s not the worst.


fly part

There will be no accidents with Cate Blanchett, but little naughty moments from the red carpet – organized “Journalist” – again this year. Carla (last name needed?), host of the Rai/Canal+ documentary film dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Festival. Lion’s sharegoes hunting for flies, but in favor of the premises and strictly high-fashion. And the radiant Fanny Ardant reassures us about the health of the chihuahua who eats caviar in Polanski’s film: he is Italian, his name is (maybe) Pippo, and everything is fine with him. Let’s hope the same thing happens with Besson’s charge of 101 dogs.

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