Venom 3, Tom Hardy would have confirmed the start of filming

In the world of cinema, there is a group of films that are part of the so-called cinecomic, that is, films that tell stories of superheroes and their enemies and that are inspired by comics, almost all of which come from Marvel or DC Comics books, although over the years, other comics have been made into films. Among these heroes who have found great success is Spider-Man, and Sony has over the years decided to dedicate a series of films to the character’s most archenemy, although in these films Spider-Man has not been featured. A story will be told without being shown but focused on it. Reference anti-hero.

There is a character in this category poison, A sentient alien symbiote that manages to survive thanks to a host to which it bonds and first appeared in Register No. 252 of May 1984. the amazing Spider ManAs the first human host that Venom attached to was Spiderman himself before finding Eddie Brock, who was the ideal human to live in the symbiote after discovering Harmful Effects. In 2018, Sony released the film in all cinemas worldwide. poisondedicated to this alien symbiote and starring Eddie Brooke, there is Tom Hardy He performed the role assigned to him flawlessly. After the success, a sequel of the film was made in 2021, which was named Venom 2 – Carnage Fury which sees the appearance of Venom’s symbiotic son Carnage, who is teaming up to escape from serial killer Cletus Cassady, played by Woody Harrelson. Although it received mixed reviews, the film was once again received positively by the public, and became the third highest-grossing film of 2021 upon its return to theaters following the COVID-19 pandemic. From this, the film company decided to make a third film dedicated to Venom, with Kelly Marcel as director, already producer and screenwriter of the first two chapters of the saga dedicated to the symbiote.

Venom 3: A post from Tom Hardy may reveal the start of filming

movies of poison are part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universewhich stars characters who are part of Spiderman’s world as heroes, and includes the Venom films, morbiusMovie to be released in 2022 and future crowen – hunter E will be released on 6 October 2023 madam web Whose delivery is scheduled on 15 February 2024 Venom 3The release date of which has not been announced yet and several other films related to the heroes and anti-heroes that will be a part of Spiderman’s world are also in development. el muerto, scary you are, jack pot, Spider Woman Serious efforts.

In recent days, several passersby have photographed the alleged set of Venom 3, but none have confirmed that filming has begun. It was Tom Hardy who reportedly confirmed the first take of the film. Instagram (@tomhardy) posted a photo that fans believe may confirm the start of filming Venom 3, This theory was given due to the actor’s appearance in the photo, in which his look is quite reminiscent of Eddie Brooke’s, which was shared with the writing “V3”, which could actually mean ‘Venom 3’ .

Remind that Tom Hardy appeared in the post credits scene Spider-Man: No Way Home where he is sent back to his own universe thanks to Doctor Strange’s magic, but leaves a part of the symbiote in the universe he was in, leaving open the possibility of his appearance in other Marvel Cinematic Universe projects.
in the third chapter of poisonApart from Tom Hardy, we will also get new arrivals Chiwetel Ejiofor and Juno Temple in the cast. As of now, there is no information on the story of the film, but according to fans, there could be a link to the latest film with Tom Holland in the Spider-Man saga.

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