Venus and Serena Williams’ $1,400,000 Florida Mansion Battle Takes New Twist as Stepmom Faces Money Hurdles

Serena Williams’ stepmother, Lakeisha Williams, and her father, Richard Williams, have been locked in an ongoing feud surrounding the icon’s childhood home. Lekesha repeatedly failed to keep up with payments on the house, and she was accused of allegedly forging King Richard’s signature to take over the house.

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Former stripper Lakeisha Williams was given multiple chances to repay her loan, but she once again failed to do so due to a $13,000 shortfall. Now, divorce fever is back on between Richard and Lakeisha, with the hardcore battle seeing some more activity.

Serena Williams’ stepmother and father once again embroiled in never-ending court battle


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The four-bedroom home in Palm Beach, Florida, was taken over by Serena’s stepmother after Richard’s signature was allegedly forged. Since then, she has been required to repay loans and debts related to the house but has been unable to do so. Now the last payment is being returned because it was a relatively small amount.

Over the past year and a half, she has paid $171,486. Now she has to pay $131,197 more, which she can’t afford. However, her lawyer Elias Dsouza said she was negligent in repaying the loan.

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She further added: “The debtor was a single mother who made a living driving a semitruck.Arguably, she is not one of the most sophisticated debtors and she relies on others to inform her of planned payments, to her detriment“.

Elias also proposed a new payment plan for Lakeisha that included her paying the outstanding balance over 5 years. This includes payments of $9,161 over 18 months. Then she would pay $13,308 per month. In the end, she will pay $12,731 and continue working for 41 months.

But that’s not all Lakeisha has to offer. In May 2023, King Richard also restarted the divorce battle with her again, which may reappear with the house battle.


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Richard Williams and Lakeisha Williams fight for divorce again

Richard Williams is 81, nearly twice the age of Lakeisha, who is now 44. They met in Miami where she was a dancer at a club, began dating and eventually married. Six years have passed and Richard has been fighting for a divorce from Lakeisha, but he has been unable to process it.

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Richard suffered from dementia and had suffered two strokes. He lives in a house owned by his daughter, Serena Williams. Richard’s case is being handled by his son, Chavoita Lesane. He told the court Rakeisha cashed Richard’s security checks and stole his car as they reignited the fight.


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We’re not sure what the outcome of the battle will be, but we really hope everything gets resolved soon and doesn’t get any worse!

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