Very strange things, what we know about the last season

fans very strange things will have to wait a bit to see it on the screen fifth and final season from your favorite show. The most recent episodes of the fourth season are from July 2022, and while it was immediately clear that we would have to wait more than a year to see the next ones,The wait is bound to be long because of the writers’ and actors’ strike, due to which all Hollywood scenery and productions were suspended. So even the iconic Duffer Brothers series is on hold with a release date that may even move to 2025. However, this does not mean that the main characters of the show have already begun to prepare to leave the narrative universe that has accompanied them for the past seven years.

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For example, a young actress spoke out in recent days Millie Bobby Brownwho started his career brilliantly thanks to the interpretation of the legendary Eleventh: “I think I’m ready (say goodbye to the character, ed.). It’s been a huge part of my life, but it’s like graduating from high school, like graduating. Brown said in a recent interview: You are ready to leave, blossom and blossom and are grateful for the time you had, but it is also time to create your message and live your life.“. Therefore, gratitude and emotions for the series that made it known to the general public, as well as ready for new adventures. The young translator, who is now 19 years old, has not been sitting idle in recent years: along with the role of a girl with uncontrollable psychic abilities, she actually starred in the saga of Godzilla and two films Enola Holmes always on Netflix, waiting to appear in a movie girlco-producer herself.

Also David Harborwhich in very strange things plays Eleven’s “adoptive father”, he is ready to part ways with the character of Sheriff Hopper, who has become a favorite with many viewers. However, in his latest statements, Harbor allowed himself a few expectation about the series finale, especially after watching latest series scripts: “They are outstanding. The screenwriters now on strike, known as the Duffer Brothers, continue to outdo themselves every time.“. The actor urges fans to get ready: “This will be a real feat. The sets and script elements we’ve seen are bigger than we’ve ever done in the past. – he said –. When you see us at the end of season 4 on top of the hill how we look at the ashes and smoke and fires, well, let’s go somewhere after this scene. You have to imagine the world as a completely different place“.

However, Harbor himself says that it will take patience before watching the final season on the air: “It will take us some time to turn things around, which is difficult because we can’t start yet, but that’s the way it is. – he added –. I’m very excited to be back on set to finish everything great and bold. All characters will be fired the way they deserve.“. The actor also hints that he knows what it will be final epilogue of the story: “I know the ending. I know where it’s going, and it’s something very, very touching. I think this is the right word to use“. Other details, of course, cannot be unraveled from him, but in the end it’s better like this: who truly loves them The Adventures of Hawkins and the Upside Down he is ready to wait until the last minute to find out how the story will end.

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