Victor Wembanyama looks to have great shot-blocking ability in the NBA

If it’s still not clear what the definition is Victor Vunbanyama On the boards, he again excelled defensively.A new week of action begins National Basketball Association (NBA)what could be better than a Frenchman being the protagonist?

Monday evening, January 29, 2024 Washington Wizards and San Antonio Spurs They meet at Frost Bank Center. On this occasion, Victor Vunbanyama He showed his talent with a superb performance and prevented his opponents from losing a few points.

It is worth noting that european basketball player He also had an incredible performance in the last game against the Capital Quintet. He did it then through offense, and now he’s showing his energy through defense.

Victor Wembanyama defeated Daniel Gafford

This isn’t the first time a Texas star has performed like this.Even so, the way he works on both sides of the ball has become more frequent and, as a result, has added another shutout so far this season. NBA.

After finishing that game, he totaled 126 blocks in his first season. NBA. In other words, he averaged 3 points per game, which is an important number for the team’s performance. Victor Vunbanyama.

Likewise, he averaged 28.5 minutes per game, 20.5 points, 10.1 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and shot 46.5% from the field. This refers to the small sample size of talent one has. Victor Vunbanyama For high-altitude sports.

undoubtedly, Victor Vunbanyama Already calling him “Rookie of the Year” Award.Remarkably, the relevance of his game maintains focus and trends on an almost daily basis san antonio spurs.

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