Victor Wembanyama tracks Michael Jordan’s mark on history

The 2.24-meter giant has been intelligently picked up by the coach Gregg Popovich, he knows how to manage his playing time. His average playing time is 28.6 minutes per game, which is far from the playing time of league stars.

Victor Vunbanyama Since February 2, he has played 42 games this season, logged 1,201 minutes and scored 864 points. The Frenchman is averaging 0.72 points per minute; that number is the highest in the league since he was a rookie. Michael Jordan in the 1984-85 season. The ability this boy has shown is incredible and he has not only proven himself to be a great defender but also proven that he can score with ease.

Over the past four years, the closest figure to the French 0.72 was the French 0.60 Anthony Edwards in the 2020-21 campaign.No other great player has reached such scoring numbers Victor Vunbanyama In his rookie year. LeBron James (0.53), Kevin Durant (0.59) or Shaquille O’Neal (0.62) are some of the notable rookies who failed to reach that number. His Majesty, Michael Jordan He hit 0.74 in the campaign rookiewhich is a very positive number, like “Winby”.

Victor Vunbanyama: Impact on the NBA

The 20-year-old made an immediate impact on the world. NBA.The league’s biggest superstar has nothing but praise Victor Vunbanyamahe left a deep impression in every game. Average a double-double (20.6 points and 10.1 rebounds per game) and lockdown leaders (3.2 times per game), is the qualification displayed by this tall and thin French player.

This player has a very high ceiling and all experts in the gaming world agree that he can mark an era NBA.As a rookie, he has already shown his level saint antony He has high hopes for him as the axis of the rebuild.Let’s see how it continues Victor Vunbanyama replace NBA and whether he can live up to the expectations placed on him. In fact, basketball fans are enjoying a unique player who gives us highlights every game.

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