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August 21, 2023

“A new generation of women from around the world.” Seeking a makeover last spring, Victoria’s Secret unveiled a more inclusive lineup for its iconic international fashion show, which will make a big comeback in early fall after a four-year absence. But the lingerie brand hasn’t completely abandoned the iconic angels that have marked its history, as evidenced by its latest campaign entirely dedicated to the brand’s “icons” known around the world. Between nostalgia and rebirth.

A moment from last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – AFP

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has always been considered an institution with its planet-famous skinny models and highly anticipated artistic performances. But it has also been the subject of much controversy, as has the brand, which ranged from a lack of inclusivity on the part of the cast to promoting a limited and restrictive canon of beauty following comments that its former marketing director, Ed Razek, found very offensive. plus size and transgender models. A series of upheavals that weakened the lingerie label, hitherto adored around the world, and prompted it to rethink its attitude – and its image – by hiring new muses from different walks of life (not just models, but athletes, activists). and artists), as well as through the organization of a new fashion show scheduled for early autumn 2023.

Completely redesigned show

Retitled The Tour, this new version of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be presented as a feature film that will “take viewers on a journey behind the scenes and intimate stories of VS20, a group of 20 groundbreaking creatives from around the world.” “. The documentary, which will premiere worldwide on Prime Video on September 26, 2023, will apparently focus on the “fashion event” that will take place live this fall. In other words, we expect to return to an exciting show, highlighted by the artistic performances that have always made the brand’s shows famous, but with a revamped line-up, its new talents could include Valentina Sampaio, Megan Rapino, Paloma Elsesser or even Sophia Girau. Victoria’s Secret also recently announced Doja Cat’s participation in The Tour, ending a cast that looks nothing like the label’s cast four years ago.

“This film is the ultimate expression of the transformation of the Victoria’s Secret brand. It will be animated by fashion, glamour, and entertainment, with a nod to beloved iconography of the past, but in a bold and reimagined way,” said Raul Martinez, vice president and creative director of Victoria’s Secret. If the brand intends to offer its customers “the best of entertainment and fashion” as it has always tried to do, this time it will pass through a new generation of women, including artists, athletes, models and activists, chosen in particular. give a clean assessment to an image that is considered outdated, corrupted by a certain lack of inclusiveness.

unexpected return

The announcement, which arrived last May, divided the public, at least on social media. Some criticize the lingerie brand for being too late, others paradoxically deplore its iconic angels, but everyone – or almost everyone – is eagerly waiting for the updated formula to be revealed. Nearly three months later, Victoria’s Secret made a surprise announcement by unveiling a new campaign called Icon, featuring some of her new faces like Paloma Elsesser and Hailey Bieber, or fashion icons like Naomi Campbell, but especially some of her the most symbolic angels. Adriana Lima, who is none other than the model who holds the record for fashion shows created for Victoria’s Secret, as well as Gisele Bündchen and Candice Swanepoel, spread their wings for a photo shoot immortalized by Mikael Jansson. An unexpected comeback that suggests the brand is intent on rhyming the past with the present for its long-awaited fall show.

Brand’s greatest aesthetic inclusivity today – Victoria’s Secret

Because these world famous angels will also be part of the Tour. Without providing further details, Victoria’s Secret said in a statement: “Talents selected through the campaign will also be featured in The Tour, the brand’s reimagined show that will celebrate emerging creatives from around the world and will premiere. this “autumn,” it says. An announcement demonstrating Victoria’s Secret’s willingness to try to (re-)win the hearts of as many people as possible by offering a cast of emerging talent, key figures and icons who have marked her history and contributed to her fame. It is impossible not to mark the universal consciousness in this way… And this will pass – no doubt – through collections that are bound to be inclusive. The brand now offers nursing bras for women who have had mastectomy, as well as a wider range of sizes, as well as some very sexy clothing. We said: between the past and the present … It remains to wait for the release of the feature film, as well as this grandiose fashion show, which, no matter what it offers, will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

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