Video Criticism | “Little Creatures” – Emma Stone wins second Oscar for her Bruna Surfistinho Frankenstein

New film, director Yorgos LanthimosPobres CriaturasWe wish to compete at the next competition Festival in Rio.

Or chief editor Renato Marathon I was able to help create and critique the video. And yes, ah Emma Stone It’s simply spectacular in the film as a man. Bruna Surfistinha Frankenstein…


Criticism | “Pobres Criaturas” – HORROR by Yorgos Lanthimos Pode will present the second Oscar to Emma Stone (Rio Festival, 2023)

Oh, I’ve been waiting for the premiere for a long time, no. Venice Festival 2023 AND debut with a man 100% approval, stand back because the film has not yet been approved by the director.

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“Pure Dream” – Hollywood Reporter

“What we fear is a distorted variation of the Frankenstein myth—or would we like to renounce the Frankenstein myth? – who never stops questioning him about the power imbalance between the sexes. It is engraved, neat and sharp.” – Irish Times

“The best film of Lanthimos’s career… bitterly whimsical, capricious and angry, contemptuous and contemptuous, with so much to adore that I find myself trying to dissect everything that seems to be a plaintive response to the film’s ambitions.” – indieWare

“This may be the first Lanthimos film in which this director not only appreciates his characters, but actually enjoys what he sees.” – Los Angeles Times

“A charming, sad, raunchy and good mix that will blow your mind and provoke you to do some nasty things.” – Total movie

“It’s easy to overlook any film as cheerfully over-the-top as this one. Lanthimos can be removed, but the results will be very impressive and many times hilarious.” – BBC

Previously scheduled for a long-running release in November, it will open in North American theaters in December 08.

Emma Stone will give life to Bella Baxter, a young man once again in the life of Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), an eccentric but brilliant scientist. Mark Ruffalo this is also part of the list.

Check out the official synopsis below:

One of Alasdair Gray’s most brilliant screams. ‘Poor things’ This is a more modern review ‘Frankenstein’ which brought back to life not only the traditional monster Bella Baxter, a neat young erotomaniac brought back to life as the brain of a child. Godwin Baxter’s quest to create the perfect companion materializes when he encounters Bella’s drowning body – but is endeared to Dr. Archibald McCandless’s love for his creation.”

Lanthimos AND Tony McNamara Assinam or Roteiro.

Looking at this Stone I am a director with a famous and bizarre film biography. “Darling”making it the third Oscar nomination, again in the category Melchor Atris Adjuvante.

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