(VIDEO) Italia’s Got Talent, Xabi Lame and Elettra Lamborghini are the new judges of the first promo of the thirteenth edition!

Italy has talent will land from September 1 Disney+ with a new episode, the thirteenth, which will introduce some changes compared to the period when the program was broadcast on Sky One AND TV8. The main change, of course, concerns the jury: along with the newly confirmed Frank Matano AND Mara Maionchi actually there will be a singer Elektra Lamborghini and tiktoker and influencer Xabi Lame (who will soon have one too dedicated skin on Fortnite). Instead, the conductors of the new edition will be Aurora AND Frou belonging Jackalwhich they will replace Lodovica Comellohost of the program from 2016 to 2022.

The new judges are the protagonists of the commercial for the new season of the program, published yesterday on YouTube. The video shows the four judges approaching the door of the Disney+ studio, where Frank knocks on the door and says they are the four judges. Italy has talent. Receiving no response, Habi presses a red button similar to the one on the judging table, which is used to open the door.

Entering the office, all four pass in front of the dressing room. little mousewhen they are joined by Aurora, who brings them to the stage. Once there, the four see the judges’ table, where Mickey presses the gold button. It is later revealed that the golden button was pressed by Fru, who was previously in the mouse’s dressing room, to “ask for his hand”.

History of Italy’s Got Talent

Italy has talent is a talent show created in 2009 and based on the Anglo-American format have talent. The first five episodes of the program were broadcast on Canale 5 and were mainly Simone Annicchiaricowhich was accompanied Geppi Cucciari in the first two editions and from Belen Rodegies in the next 3.

From the sixth edition, the program appeared on Sky Uno with a new jury, which included Matano, Claudio Bisio, Luciana Litticetto AND Nina Zilli and management Vanessa Incontrada. Litizzetto and Zilli left the program after the eighth episode and were replaced by Maionci and a swimmer. Federico Pellegriniand Bisio remained until the ninth edition, and then was first replaced Joe Bastianich and then from helium. The thirteenth edition will be the first to be released exclusively for the streaming platform.

Italy has talent

Source: Italia’s Got Talent YouTube channel.

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