Video of Pereira’s alleged hepatitis outbreak fake, authorities say

A video recorded by current chamber representative Carolina Giraldo in 2019 when she was Pereira councillor, in which she said there was a hepatitis outbreak in the city and warned of the impact and poor water quality Recently, this sentence has been circulating on social networks: aroused public vigilance.

Faced with this situation, the congresswoman issued a message clarifying the time and circumstances of the message.

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“It’s circulating and going viral in Pereira A video I recorded in 2019 When we had an outbreak of hepatitis in the city, it was used in a decontextualized way; I invite citizens to receive this video report for 2019, and indeed today Aguas y Aguas reported that the water quality in the city is normal. To be honest, I don’t understand why this video is circulating. It seems that those who put it into circulation had the intention of misleading citizens., this is definitely serious for me. The most important thing is that they help us spread the truth of the message,” Giraldo said.

For its part, the company Aguas y Aguas de Pereira announced what happens to the water that reaches users and how it is treated. They verify that it is suitable for consumption.

“Today we give you peace of mind Water consumption in the municipality of Pereira complies with the parameters of Resolution 2115.We conduct monitoring at sampling points across the city every day Assessment of physicochemical and microbiological parameters, today we assure you that this water is potable and suitable for drinking. Remember not to boil it, because we leave it unprotected and this affects the properties of the water,” explains Catalina Trujillo, microbiologist at Aguas y Aguas de Pereira.

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In view of this situation, the Public Service Corporation reiterated Do not trust all chains circulating on social networks and verified through official channels accuracy of such information to avoid unnecessary alerts.

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