Video of the clash with Palestinian security. The truth about the “attempted assassination” of Mahmoud Abbas

Activists on social media have released a video showing a moment of alert for a Palestinian security patrol that was in a state of clashes and shooting, noting that the clip depicts an “assassination attempt” on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in Ramallah .

However, the General Political Commissar and official spokesperson of the Palestinian security establishment, Major General Talal Dweikat, announced on Tuesday that six Palestinian security personnel were injured, one of them seriously, during the pursuit of a wanted person in the city of Ramallah, against the backdrop of cases of “drug trafficking and indecent assaults”.

In the statement, Major General Dwikat did not address social media rumors that the incident was linked to an “assassination attempt” against Abbas.

The Palestinian media did not highlight the news spread by some social media accounts regarding the alleged “assassination attempt”.

Dweikat said that a Palestinian security service force “went to Jalazoun camp, north of Ramallah, to arrest one of those wanted in connection with drug trafficking and indecent assault cases, called Bilal Abu Asba, as part of the work of the security establishment. and his efforts to prosecute crime and lawlessness”.

The Palestinian official added that while the Palestinian security personnel were carrying out their assigned mission, “they were fired upon, resulting in bullet wounds to six security personnel, one of whom sustained serious injuries.”

Dweikat stressed that the shooting targeting security personnel “will not go unpunished, and the security establishment is determined to continue its national work in prosecuting outlaws and holding them accountable according to the law.”

Mounir Al-Jaghoub, head of the press office of the Mobilization and Organization Commission of the Fatah movement led by Abbas, also published the circulating video clip, accompanied by a comment in which he states: “Whoever shoots at the Palestinian security forces is and occupation in a trench, a drug dealer and a focal point for the spread of crime in Jalazoun.” A few months ago, he kidnapped and shot at security forces. Now he shoots at security forces and injures some, may God protect them. “

The West Bank is in a state of tension against the backdrop of the war launched by Israel in the Gaza Strip, which has left around 10,000 dead, most of them civilians, women and children, in response to the Hamas attack on Israel that led to killing of 1,400 people, most of whom were civilians.

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