Video | Wake up with Cristiano Ronaldo! AI-made viral audio will make you smile in the morning

Over the past few hours, a viral trend has appeared on social networks that has conquered football lovers and followers of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Generated by artificial intelligence with the voices of legendary Portuguese players, these audios are designed to be used as an alarm clock to start your day with a smile.

This new trend in digital entertainment has gained huge popularity in a very short period of time. Cristiano Ronaldo’s audio, in which the player speaks in a joking and affectionate tone, has become a viral phenomenon that is conquering social networks.

The story of this trend started just five days ago on Real Madrid’s own official TikTok account. The club shared a video showing a fictional chat with Cristiano Ronaldo, and the funniest thing is, you can hear an AI-generated simulated voice of the Portuguese star.

The most surprising thing about this AI creation is how close it sounds to Cristiano Ronaldo’s voice and tone. So similar that it’s almost indistinguishable from the actual voice of the Al Nassr player. The white team shared this audio on their personal homepage. In less than 14 hours, the audio has been viewed more than 2.3 million times, which shows the charm of this new form of entertainment.

The audio content is equally captivating. In it, Cristiano Ronaldo can be heard saying: “Hey, they tell me, you’re still lying down, you’re not getting up, you’re not washing your face, you’re not getting pretty. Remember, you have to enjoy life, remember you have to go out and let them see our faces a little bit, let them see Look what we are made of, man. Have a great day, have a really, really good time today, everything goes well. Just remember to be cool, we are all cool, but not more handsome than a bug, yay!”.

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🤔 Does the voice we recreated with #AI sound familiar to you? 😏 Does this #AI voice sound familiar to you? #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Humor #Fun #MondayMotivation

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The video and audio sparked a wave of speculation among internet users who began to wonder whether it was a sign of a possible return to Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it’s worth noting that so far this is nothing more than speculation and a sign of fans’ continued affection for the player.

In the realm of sports, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to leave his mark on the football world. The Portuguese player scored the 851st goal of his career in a thrilling match between Al Nasr and Al Raad in the Saudi Professional League on Saturday. This feat is a testament to Ronaldo’s extraordinary skill and talent throughout his career over the years.

Furthermore, fans’ passion for Cristiano Ronaldo remains unbreakable. Although Manchester United lost to Brighton, the team’s fans did not hesitate to chant “Long live Ronaldo” at Old Trafford to express their appreciation for the player. It was a reminder of the lasting impact Ronaldo had on football and the hearts of fans.

Notably, Cristiano Ronaldo also showed a human and supportive side after the devastating earthquake in Morocco earlier this month, as he decided to give up space in his hotel as a refuge for victims. This selfless act demonstrates Ronaldo’s commitment to the international community and his desire to make a meaningful contribution when needed.

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