(Video) Yeah!Jurgen Damm gives Atletico San Luis advantage and celebrates like Cristiano Ronaldo – Fox Sports

he athletics louis louis close to alliance Championship Opening in 2023Okay, Mexican midfielder. Jurgen Damm He restored the advantage for his team in the first ever match duel Mexican Football League Thanks to his left foot he finally sneaked into the goal Rodolfo Cotta.

After 25 minutes, saint louis When the ball came to him, he found himself with a second score in his favor dam On the right, there are several people from just in front, so he cut towards the center and shot low with his left leg, successfully touching aspect.

bad luck to you aspectThe ball slipped and stung, sending the Potosi fans, already celebrating a Colombian own goal, into an explosion. William TesilloThe opening goal came just three minutes later, but nonetheless Jose Alfonso Alvarado He wore a makeshift tie with a bomb on his right leg.

find out: (Video) Goal dropped in game!William Teresillo’s own goal and Platano Alvarado’s bomb

The winner of this match will advance to Ligia del Opening in 2023 of Mexican Football League like the seventh place Summary table Quarterfinals against Monterrey Laados, the loser will play the winner of both games Santos Laguna and Mazatlan Football Club Final qualifiers will be determined over the weekend.

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