Violent clashes in Gaza! “We inflicted heavy losses on Israel tonight.”

It was learned that very violent clashes broke out in Gaza tonight. He stated that explosions and columns of smoke rose, in addition to the sounds of clashes, in the neighborhoods of Al-Zaytoun, Al-Sabra, and Sheikh Radwan.

Violent conflicts in Beit Hanoun

The Al-Quds Brigades announced violent clashes on the front lines in the northern Gaza Strip. “Palestinian Mujahideen”Our Mujahideen, who clashed with a group of enemies in Beit Hanoun tonight, inflicted heavy losses on the enemy soldiers.“. He said.

The Zionists were ambushed

Al-Qassam Brigades He made a statement regarding the developments that took place yesterday. Palestine Mujahideen, GazaA Zionist infantry unit in the northwest To set up an ambush He announced that he had shot down the unit and destroyed it with anti-personnel explosives.

6 invading soldiers were neutralized

In the latest statement issued by the Al-Qassam Brigades. Rooster terrier Six Israeli soldiers present in the area were neutralized by Palestinian mujahideen with anti-personnel missiles and machine guns.

17 armored vehicles were destroyed

The Al-Qassam Brigades were affiliated with Israel from morning until yesterday evening. 17 armored vehicles He said he destroyed it. Palestinian MujahideenHe stated that Zionist soldiers who were present around and inside the armored vehicles were killed and wounded.

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