VIP Holidays 2023, Which are the most popular summer destinations? From Formentera to Mykonos, there’s something for every taste

Time for holidays and therefore also for VIPs to choose the most beautiful destinations: from the sea to the mountains, the places most loved by celebrities

something happens every year fixed phase Those that never change and others that are subject to the trends of the moment and therefore offer different places every time. The world is full of beautiful and inspiring places where we can enjoy beautiful views and have fun.

Italy is definitely in the middle Most popular destination internationally Also because there are many people who opt for a type of holiday associated with the sun and the sea. which are they Favorite place for VIPs to vacation?

VIP Holidays 2023: Most Popular Destinations

celebrities In summer they love the sea so of course all coastal areas are favored, many prefer to visit them aboard boats but others can be found in the streets of the city centre. destinations options are certainly such areas They offer great water but also lots of activities and funLuxurious location and a good night life.

Sometimes these are relatively expensive areas, especially in the summer, but you can certainly run into some famous characters if you choose to head to one of these popular destinations. Let’s go and discover some of the most loved stars.

Spain: famous for its white beaches and nightlife

Spain is certainly one of the most popular destinations Travelers and even VIPs usually make a few stops in the summer, especially in the Balearics, thanks to the nightlife and of course the spectacular sea. Not only Ibiza On the top formentera Now it is overwhelmed by international tourism.

It’s a small island, you get to Ibiza quickly so you can easily get going on both as there are ferries that connect them. beaches are very famous, this stretch of coast is indented but The sand is white and very fine and the water is crystal clearThat’s why VIPs love it so much.

Spain is one of the increasingly famous places for VIPs (

especially favorite places Ses Ellets, Es Pujols and Cala Sona, Here you will surely meet many famous people. Also worth visiting is the town’s port village of Savina, in fact this is where all the boats landing in Formentera congregate. This area in particular is very cheap and is famous for salt lake Estani Pudent.

is the capital St. Francis Xavier, A very popular small town with restaurants, bars, shops. There the night life is very lively Because there are many trendy places which get crowded in summer. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Angelina Jolie, everyone is crazy about Formentera in the summer.

ibiza It is certainly one of the hot spots of the Mediterranean, with everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to footballers stopping by the island to enjoy the nightlife. Especially in the month of July It is he who attracts the largest number of VIPs from all over the world. In addition to hotels, villas are very popular, so are beaches or clubs to meet famous people.

Mexico, nature and crystal clear sea

Also one of the most preferred destinations by VIPs messiAssociate, especially cabo san lucas, From Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow, there are many who choose this type of vacation. area is particularly popular especially for beaches Playa El Medano which is the most famous, of course it is possible to meet many famous personalities here lands End hosts lovers and the beach of El Arco, a very evocative natural arch in the rock And clearly a destination of interest.

Choose Mexico for a VIP holiday (

port this is a picturesque and special area But the nightlife also beckons the VIPs who choose this destination. There is a lot to do, it is possible to have fun with water sports during the day, from clubs to restaurants if you want to meet some famous people of course san jose del cabo it’s the perfect place to watch Most beautiful view of all.

Hawaii, Everyone’s Crazy About the Luxury Resorts

they never miss airy, One of the great destinations that VIPs love, especially Americans Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Ben Affleck, The archipelago with its golden beaches, cliffs, waterfalls and dense vegetation is a real paradise, especially it’s capital Honolulu which is so loved by visitors, don’t miss Waikiki beach the most attractive. VIP select luxury resort Hence places where it is possible to enjoy the local experience but also be completely isolated from the outside world amidst various restaurants, attractions and special services.

Greece, a classic for summer

sea, cuisine, pristine landscape make it Top Destinations for VIP Holidays in Greece 2023. It is indeed one of those places that never goes out of style with its luxurious travel experience. Not only yachts but also luxury hotels, many of which include a swimming pool in the room, paradise corners without which it is impossible for VIPs, like every year. Mykonos Confirmed to most of the many destinations Loved, especially for the nightlife, for the locals And of course that wild air that sets it apart.

Aegean island brings together internationally famous DJs, football players, models, most famous beaches are Paradise and Super Paradise but the city is very special with marina and windmills A historic village from the 16th century,

Italy, an increasingly popular destination

Italy be there Favorite destination for celebrities, not only on the coasts but also in the inland areas. destinations it’s definitely capri The one that VIPs love the most and where they spend their summer holidays. They come by boat so they often stop directly there but there are many places where it is possible to meet them.

Capri is the most popular Italian destination among VIPs (

island of The Bay of Naples is a show, a little jewel. On the shores of Marina Piccola or in the port you will certainly find moored yachts, actors, singers and showgirls are always strolling in the piazzetta, you can meet many of them if you walk in the area up to Quisisana. Especially the area through Carmel where there are luxury boutiques. The most popular hotels among restaurants are Quisisana and Capri Palace.

Da Paolino and Taverna Anima e Cor. All VIPs make at least one stop at one of these places, obviously without forgetting The Beach Club, La Fontelina on the beach. In this case, the characters come not only for recreation, but also for the coastal area, so they have the opportunity to visit Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento.

There are a number of destinations that are most popular with VIPs and these certainly represent prime locations for the summer of 2023, places to hunt celebrities but also enjoy the wonders of the place.

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