Virgo and Taurus are very sweet

In today’s horoscope, Tuesday 4 April 2023, with the Moon in Virgo and Mercury and Venus in Taurus, the lucky sign is Taurus itself while the unlucky sign is Sagittarius. Today not only thoughts but also feelings are concrete, frank and possessive. Love is demonstrated with facts.

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Today’s horoscopeTuesday 4 April 2023, and the sign-by-sign forecasts on love, work and luck: here’s what the stars have in store for us on this day.

Today Mercury has officially passed into the sign of Taurus. Mercury in Taurus signifies down-to-earth but simple, forthright and possessive thinking.

With the Moon still in Virgo, I’d say the lucky zodiac sign both Taurus and the unfortunate sign Sagittarius, but he won’t complain about it.

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Today’s horoscope for Aries

Opportunities rain down from the sky, thanks to Jupiter in your sign that guarantees you a lifetime VIP pass for any event. With Mercury gone, you may have cracked the secret codes to unlock Netflix-exclusive content with just a s**t. You are always kissed by luck.

Love: Your conquering senses are taking a nap.
Work: you deeply love a quiet routine.
Health: you are so lazy that your favorite shoes are slip-ons.
Tip of the day: buy now a handcrafted Easter dove.
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Today’s horoscope for Taurus

Your sense of caring for all living things is stronger than that of a mother who has just given birth, thanks to Venus in your sign. Indeed, for you, the recent Israeli study stating that plants suffer and make sounds when not cared for is nothing new. You love taking care of your garden, because it has always been equipped with an excellent green thumb.

Love: your kisses have the same effect as a papaya tonic.
Work: you love teamwork when everyone follows your instructions perfectly.
Health: you are simply wonderful.
Tip of the day: shop for Easter lunch.
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Today’s horoscope for Gemini

Today’s super moon has the same effect for you as Damiano’s message to his Giorgia Soleri traveling along the Via delle Indie with Beijing Express. You need support, sweet words from the morning to face Saturn head-on against, always ready to challenge you like the surprise class assignment.

Love: eagerly await the kiss of good morning like coffee.
Work: you’re learning to navigate between emails and meetings with last-minute emergencies.
Health: you have the ability to see all your flaws, even the invisible ones.
Tip of the day: listen to sixties rock songs.
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Today’s horoscope for Cancer

The perfect place for you, at this time of favor with Venus, Mars and Mercury, is undoubtedly New Zealand which has opened a state office to deal with broken hearts. When it comes to heart issues, you’re the ultimate expert at lifting spirits with late-night talks, cuddles, and confidences. You can always be counted on.

Love: you know how to seduce even with a simple glance.
Work: you are the glue of the office, the one who knows how to create the perfect work team.
Health: even the mirror pays you great compliments in the early morning when you’re still all disheveled.
Tip of the day: do a tasting of Tuscan wines from the Bolgheri area.
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Today’s horoscope for Leo

Only today’s Moon manages to dampen your frown on your face now that you understand that even the planet of communication Mercury has decided to cast deep doubts on the use of subjunctives and conditionals. And if you thought you could get around the problem using Chat GPT, I must inform you that at the moment the service has been suspended throughout Italy. You will have to do repetitions of Italian grammar.

Love: you are more acidic than sugar-free lemonade.
Work: today you could dedicate your whole day to playing ‘solitaire’ on your pc.
Health: to not have to communicate with anyone, you could pretend to be mute.
Tip of the day: organize a solo trip to Tropea in Calabria.
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Today’s horoscope for Virgo

This is really the season of love for you, with Venus and Mars inflaming your love affairs, like chilli pepper a simple plate of spaghetti. Keep your antennas alert because you could make very interesting encounters just like Angelina Jolie, who apparently has a flirt with the super billionaire environmentalist David Meyer Rothschild. Understood?

Love: you manage to fall in love at least ten times in one day.
Work: your synapses travel faster than 5G.
Health: envy Irina Shayk.
Tip of the day: dressed in all shades of beige, the real trend of this spring.
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Today’s horoscope for Libra

You are irrepressible like the businessman who runs to the bathroom as the plane is about to land arguing with the steward and as a result is banned from all Ryanair flights. Even when you are basically right on your side, with Mercury smiling back at you, you have to review your ways which, due to Mars against you, are rougher than a scouring pad for scrubbing pots. A little manners are needed here.

Love bring out all your sweetness like bikinis with the change of season.
Work you are always very upright when you have to evaluate the work of others.
Health: Make a maintenance plan better than a certified nutritionist.
Tip of the day: dust off all the traditional recipes of Mediterranean cuisine.
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Today’s horoscope for Scorpio

With Mercury against you could make questionable choices like Alessandra Celentano’s She-Hulk green hair on the ‘Friends’ show. I know that with Venus against you you are looking for solutions to redeem your image. However, it is better to always focus on classic icons such as Audrey or Katrine Hepburn, because their beauty is timeless.

Love: you are greedy like when you are hungry and you are in front of the pastry shop window.
Work: you opt for the excuse that your chaos in the office is essential and creative.
Health: This is the time to learn how to run and sign up for a cross-country race.
Tip of the day: learn how to cook roast with grandma’s recipe.
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Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

Sadly say goodbye to Mercury who has made you the most interesting and amusing person of the whole table of friends for weeks. Since at the moment you may feel unprepared, you should opt for new teaching techniques that use augmented reality to interest and involve students. You are always very attracted to new things.

Love: the temperatures of your little heart are still lukewarm.
Work: you have flattened yourself a bit as a creative who no longer has brilliant ideas.
Health: the only way to get your buttocks moving again is with a group dance class.
Tip of the day: learn to mix records like a real dj.
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Today’s horoscope for Capricorn

The setbacks with Jupiter and Mars against are always around the corner and you feel like Victor Osimhen who got injured just one step away from winning the Scudetto with Napoli. Don’t let Mars demoralize you because you have a very strong team made up of Mercury and Venus on your side. With this team you can really deal with everything, even a broken heel when you have to get into a meeting with the boss.

Love: you’re as sweet as a cream pie.
Work: you can happily let everyone know that: the boss is back!
Health: before the feline shots you need at least twenty minutes of stretching.
Tip of the day: watch the tongue-in-cheek comedy ‘Drought’.
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Today’s horoscope for Aquarius

You are decidedly uninterested in news featuring environmental activists, such as smearing the Barcaccia in the Spanish Steps with black paint. Now that you have Mercury and Venus against you, the passion and desire to be deployed on the front line has faded. Take advantage of this moment to dedicate yourself solely to mental rest and relaxation also because you have brought home great results that already cover the entire 2023 budget.

Love all your conquering techniques are on standby.
Work with your head you are already on vacation with a cocktail with an umbrella in hand.
Health you have the same dynamic momentum as a groundhog that is still hibernating.
Tip of the day: re-read Pennac’s ‘Malussene’ saga.
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Today’s horoscope for Pisces

You are pervaded by great enthusiasm, strength and logical capacity thanks to Mercury and Mars who unconditionally support you in all your decisions. No one can walk on your head and you are more aggressive than former porn star Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump. You go straight to the goal like a rugby ‘quarterback’.

Love: you are so eager that your partner could ask you for a night break to skip the three in the morning quickie.
Work you are a true forge of brilliant ideas.
Health: you feel wings on your feet without the need for a Red Bull.
Tip of the day: study the historical paths in Piedmont for your next outing.
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