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  • It is targeted at public sector health teams, particularly those working in primary care.
  • Registration closes on Friday the 6th.
  • It will be completed virtually through the Cordoba campus.

The Provincial Program for HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis, together with the Central Laboratory, the Directorate of Epidemiology and the General Directorate of Health Integration, invited health equipment participate virtual courses “An integrated approach to ETMI Plus Córdoba 2023”.

This training proposal is intended to The aim is to promote the use of the ETMI Plus guidelines in Córdoba to strengthen strategies to prevent perinatally transmitted infections.

The “Diagnostic and Treatment Algorithms for the Control of Perinatal Infections of HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Chagas Disease – ETMI-PLUS Program” guideline was developed by the National Ministry of Health and is a resource designed to: strengthen work All actors in the health system. Notably, this is the first time these four infections have been included in the same document.

For the first batch of courses we call health personnel of public sector subgroupespecially for those working in primary care.Form is virtual, through the platform Cordoba Campus.

training Starting next Tuesday, October 10th and register Open Today is Monday 2, which will last until this Friday and Saturday, and to access, you must enter here.The planned course duration is One month.

The training will have a initial classin which the importance of the course and the current epidemiological situation in the province of Córdoba will be presented, as well as four modules farther:

  1. Explore sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from social work, bioethics, and communication perspectives.
  2. Laboratory and epidemiological surveillance of sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Clinical and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Current data registration information system.

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