Visit the idyllic village from the holiday rom-com The Holiday

Can you hear it? Healthy music, a sincere exchange of romantic confessions, a pleasant crunch of snow underfoot… yes, it’s time for the holidays. romantic comedy returned. While you’re snuggled under thick blankets and watching carefree love stories, we wouldn’t blame you if you start feeling jealous seeing all of this. storybook villages and tranquil countryside on the screen.

Luckily, they don’t just exist in fiction: you can hop on a train or drive and find yourself on the winding streets of cinema’s favorite winter romance, less than two hours from central London. What is your destination? Cherideal village from Nancy Meyer’s film “Holiday”.

path overlooking the idyllic hills outside Cher

Where exactly is Cher?

Shere is located less than five miles south-east of Guildford and is ideal for a day trip or a cool weekend break. Get ready for picturesque views. The village is located in Surrey Hills Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty so you’re sure to encounter rolling hills, wide meadows and no doubt plenty of woodland walks.

The journey from London takes approximately one hour and ten minutes. Luckily, there is a village car park where you can leave your car while you go exploring. Of course, those of you who don’t drive shouldn’t miss out either, there’s trains from London Victoria to Dorkingand a short bus ride will take you to Cher.

picturesque exterior of the church with cemetery and gate
St James’ Church, Sher

Where was “Holiday” filmed in Sher?

If you’re looking solely for filming locations, we’ve got you covered. Follow in the footsteps of Amanda Cameron Diaz and Graham Jude Law and go to White Horse Pub drink and dine, if you like, by the crackling fire. Although Iris’s (Kate Winslet) Rosehill cottage technically doesn’t exist – the interiors are all stage sets and the idyllic exterior was built from scratch – you can see how Cher’s collection of quintessentially English dwellings inspired the romantic country house from the film. Plus, you can still take in the stunning view of the cottage’s hilltop and recreate Amanda’s climactic run back down the forest path – perhaps without the precarious heels, but you certainly do.

You will recognize Sher not only in “Holiday”. The Grade I listed village church of St James has appeared in rom-com favourites. Bridget Jones’s Diary (as the place where Bridget’s parents renewed their vows) and Wedding date (where sister Kat’s dramatic wedding unfolded). Most recently, the village appeared in Hugh Laurie’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel in 2022. Why didn’t they ask Evans? which starred Will Poulter, Emma Thompson and Bridget Jones’ Jim Broadbent, the latter clearly returning for round two.

In fact, it has been a popular filming location for almost 100 years, where many television dramas and Hollywood films have been filmed, including Four weddings and a funeral, The beauty and the Beast, Silent Witness, Breeders and much more. While some of these filming locations may look more familiar and cinematic covered in a dusting of holiday snow, they’re sure to immerse you back in your screen year-round.

Exterior of the White Horse pub, a black and white Tudor building.
White Horse Country Pub, Cher

In between movie-inspired adventures, there are plenty of other treasures to be found around the village. Get things started with a delicious breakfast at Pampering duck teahouse, breathe in the fresh winter air and enjoy the natural beauty of 5 km Sher Trail or if you’re a gin fan, visit Silent distillers for swimming pools on a tour during which you will learn all about their process and the history of its intriguing name.

In principle there is no shortage what to do in Shera. Whether you like the nostalgia of “Holiday” or a bit of country escapism. Just don’t forget to take your camera: once you see this chocolate box village, you’ll understand why it’s become a favorite destination in the film world.

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