VMAs 2023, Olivia Rodrigo talks ‘guts’ and the pressure on women

Olivia Rodrigo She is only 20 years old, but she is already an undisputed idol of new generations, a supporter of the viral songs that have become the soundtrack of teenagers and their TikTok videos. Singer A vampire AND Driver’s license he just published his new album Guts and after a brilliant performance ai VMA 2023told People exclusively about the new project and pressure to which she is exposed after the image”good girl“.m

Feel at home in your body, according to Julia Peditto.

Olivia Rodrigo at the 2023 VMAs: The immediate success of ‘Guts’

Olivia Rodrigo she was among the most anticipated characters VMA 2023, the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place on Tuesday, September 12, in Los Angeles. The singer immediately impressed with her incredible look at the red carpetwhich she also shared a post on her Instagram profile: a bodycon dress studded with diamonds, a true sparkling star who showed off her talent on stage.

During the performance VMA 2023 Olivia Rodrigo she appeared on stage with looks and scenography inspired by atmosphere A vampire, one of his most successful singles. After a moment of confusion, when she very cinematically depicted a problem with the scenery, she returned to the melody Bring him back!was contained in new album Gutsaccompanied by a group of dancers dressed as cheerleaders.

Olivia Rodrigo Talks New Album ‘Guts’

Success Olivia Rodrigo it’s been nothing short of lightning fast, and the very young singer has recently opened up about her relationship with music, showbiz and fame. A few days after release Gutshis new album of unreleased songs, which also contains the single All American bitchgave an interview to the magazine Peopleto whom he spoke about his writing process.

I think I really can’t write a song and live up to the expectations. Good songs don’t come out of me when I write them to please others. All my best songs come from my desire to express something personally for myself and express feelings only for myself.

“Releasing this thing is an afterthought, but at the beginning of the song it’s very contained. I can’t think about other things.

Olivia Rodrigo and expectations from women in the album “Guts”

Song All American bitch this is also the opening song GutsOlivia Rodrigo’s new album, and it immediately became a feminist anthem for all fans of the singer. Olivia Rodrigo spoke about the origins of the song, inspired by an essay by Joan Didion:

(The title) is taken from an essay he wrote about hippies in San Francisco and running away from home. One of the escapees spoke at home about his mother and said that she was a “real American bitch.” I thought, “Wow, this is amazing.” These are such provocative words. The next day I sat down at the piano and wrote “All-American Bitch”… You never know what trajectory a song will take.

Staying on topic Olivia Rodrigo she stopped to talk about expectations and pressure than society as a whole projected onto women, from whom more and more are expected than from men. And the same one Rodrigo she says that she became a victim of this, especially after her arrival at the scene of the incident, which began with “good girl” image which is now hard to tear yourself away from:

I think there are a lot of expectations placed on women: you should always be grateful, calm, kind and level-headed. As a child, I really struggled with the conflict between all these feelings that I felt like I couldn’t express and this expectation of being a good girl.

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