Vogue supertop cover becomes an accident: “Too much photoshop.” But the magazine denies: “Normal edition”

Photoshop or not photoshop? The September cover of Vogue, the most important of the year, as insiders and regulars know, accidentally captured four Nineties supertops gathered under the lens of a young Rafael Pavarotti. Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell: “The Greatest of All Time” reads the title of the magazine. A definition that doesn’t make sense: none of the current Gigi, Bella, and Kendall have had a comparable impact on fashion (and society). Beautiful and impossible, mesmerizing and inaccessible, ubiquitous on the catwalks and in social life, every photo of them is a piece of history, and every outfit they wear is copied every day, even after 30 years.

Supermodels on the cover

Today, when they are already over 50, no one has forgotten them: especially the stylists who continue to arrange fashion shows for them, causing enthusiasm among the majority.

Soon, these four will also be the main characters of the new documentary series Supermodels, which will be released on Apple TV on September 20. However, a cover that could have gone down in history turned into a sensational missed opportunity. Whether it’s because of too much retouching (though denied by a Vogue rep who spoke to the NY Times about “minimal editing and lighting”), or because the four seem completely “unrelated” to each other, as if they posed separately. and then put together using only Photoshop, the cover caused a media storm.

Forbidden to grow old

“I want wrinkles, but I use Botox on my forehead, so I’m a hypocrite. But I want to grow old, ”says Linda Evangelista between the pages, who does not even have a shadow of wrinkles on the frames. As well as illustrious colleagues: if for someone a vintage operation is a triumph, then many emphasize that fashion continues to completely deny the possibility of aging. All this makes us think even more when we take into account that the Evangelista herself, who disappeared from the stage for many years, publicly spoke about her misfortune after an aesthetic treatment that disfigured her (even this, of course, is not even a trace on the cover of Vogue).

And the important absence demonstrates – because there is obviously a need – that time is ticking, despite what the glamorous covers want to tell us otherwise. Tatjana Patitz, the fifth supermodel Lindbergh portrayed in the 1990s, died last January at the age of 56 from cancer.

Prosecution over 50 years old

Some time ago, Cindy Crawford, then in her early 50s, took a picture of herself in her underwear, explaining her beauty and anti-cellulite treatment. “The world is putting pressure on aging women,” she explains in a Vogue video, “But we can still have fun, we can still be beautiful, we can still be noticeable.” There has been a lot of talk about a new beauty in her 50s, with icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Aniston and the now sixty-something protagonists of Sex and the City back in the spotlight thanks to a successful sequel. And just like that.” It would be nice to show new generations of icons before they were born as they are today, filled with life, experience and yes, even wrinkles. Beautiful and apparently impossible. At the moment.

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