Waitress reveals tips for getting bigger tips from customers

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:36

She calls herself an “angry publican” and says she has a trick to get customers to tip her more at the bar where she works. In recent months, the woman who goes by the handle @lahostelera on Tik Tok has become popular for offering various advice to her “colleague” waiters and other fans on social networks.

This woman didn’t hide. He documented his situation in the workplace and responded to the harsh criticism he received on his profile. He has nearly 200,000 followers and his videos are viewed by thousands. This recently viral video echoes the advice that waiters should follow to get more tips from customers.

The “angry hotel owner” revealed that she has a trick: if the reward is 1.50 euros, she recommends not giving the customer a 1 euro coin, but giving the customer a 50 euro cent coin. This is the easiest way. He recommends giving them smaller coins because then customers tend to leave them all as tips – as shown below.

As usually happens with videos he uploads, followers wrote in with a variety of opinions. Typical “I never leave a tip, you get paid for a reason,” with assurances from other co-workers in the union, “If I give like this, it’s because I don’t have change.”

Recently, a method has also been installed to collect tips from customers who pay by card. It was designed in three Labarra restaurants in Barcelona. When you hand the bill to the table, a new concept appears on the ticket that includes a suggested tip. Customers have three options. The first is to pay nothing and leave 5% or 10% depending on the service received. These percentages are attached to the total amount of the final invoice. This way they can see the money flowing to local workers. The idea was so successful and spread so widely that many hoteliers in Madrid implemented it in their hotels.

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