Warriors star Stephen Curry took a big step toward breaking Michael Jordan’s senior record by scoring 41 points against the Warriors.king

It’s hard to believe that Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is 35 years old. After all, he not only has a baby face, but he is also constantly tearing apart opponents in the NBA. And on Friday night, against a Sacramento Kings team that was blown away by his dominant 50-point performance in Game 7, Curry was back to his usual tricks.

It’s unclear what Curry sees in the Kings that brings out the best in him every time. Is it the Kings’ breakneck pace that encourages the Warriors to keep up with them? Whatever it is, it’s clearly in service to the greatest shooter the league has ever seen. He scored 41 points with a super-efficient shooting rate of 19-14 (7-10 three-pointers), leading the Warriors to a 122-114 victory, no less impressive on the road.

In doing so, Stephen Curry is closing in on Michael Jordan’s current record, suggesting the Warriors star is aging as gracefully as possible.According to ESPN Stats & Information, Curry You now have 33 career games He ranks second all-time with 40 or more points since turning 30. Jordan is the all-time record holder with 44 such games.

Can Curry reach Jordan’s record? It certainly seems so. The Warriors star is “only” 35 years old after all, and he’s playing like he has at least three or four more years of elite competition left. Furthermore, the Warriors will continue to rely on him until he has nothing more to give, especially as they compete for a championship this season and getting performances like this from him is a must.

All Stephen Curry needs to do for the foreseeable future is stay healthy; he’s missed a fair amount of time with injuries over the past two seasons. Will his fortunes change this season?

Whatever the case may be, don’t expect Curry to slow down anytime soon, especially as the Warriors’ next game is against the Houston Rockets, a team that looks ready to be one of the league’s doormats once again.

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