Washing hands can prevent diarrhea, hepatitis, colds and other diseases

Gabriela de Salazar, Director of the Department of Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), highlighted the importance of this activity during the commemoration of World Handwashing Day on October 15, which she assured has played a decisive role in the control of Covid-19.

“This strategy has been used by the Ministry of Health for many years, it is not new and a lot of the work has been done with schools because we know that as long as people recognize the importance of this strategy we will be setting up health centers and less For patients, this means washing hands to prevent diarrhea, colds, hepatitis, is a simple strategy with water, soap and handle for at least 20 seconds,” Salazar explained.

The Director of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health stressed that hand washing should be done for the recommended time or longer as this is enough to kill microorganisms.

“It’s normal for people to lean on railings and stairs when walking, it’s unavoidable, but it’s important to remember that this is precisely a route of infection, which is why we must wash our hands, and more often.” “Brushing your teeth is a must, for example, when you come home from work, go to the supermarket, arrive at your work area, while cooking or after using the toilet,” he stressed.

Salazar said that with the measures prescribed at this critical moment of the pandemic still pending, it is an activity that everyone in the family must do, from the youngest to the oldest adults, who serve as role models for the children.

Each health region in the country will carry out activities it deems important for its area to reinforce handwashing habits among children so that they continue to practice them as adults, just as they are integrated into the community. , in talks, demonstrations.

“Washage is important, humans manipulate our faces, eyes, mouths and if we don’t wash properly we can get infected by anything, these are the entry points for all the things that can affect us and have consequences for us.” This Friday , we will make a bracelet painted blue to draw the attention of passersby to hand washing. ” Salazar pointed out.

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