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If this was a film that broke stigmas and was a delanto for the era in which it appeared: who needed it?

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio
© GettyBrad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Now movies and TV series are much more open to content LGBTQ which also have an important developed market, so the production of the Hollywood film industry has a lot of room for this class of projects that are doing very well all over the planet. This was not always the case and the belt was present in the catalogue. Star+ from now on.

In 2005, it spread throughout the world. Mystery in the mountains, a bold story about vaqueros who fall in love and experience an intense romance. This is a story taken from its era, directed by Ang Lee, who directed three films. Oscar Awards out of eight nominations in honor of the Academy. However, the film was still an easy project back then.

Diana Ossanamanufacturer Mystery in the mountainsI think: “Nadi wanted to do it. We were working on it and felt like we needed a really strong list, like a celebrity list. It didn’t work. I always asked candidates: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ryan Phillippe. Everyone said no”. If we imagine that the main characters of this story will be Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio? It probably turned into one of the greatest stories in history.

Now I have learned something about the industry to implement a revolutionary project, the synopsis of which reads: “The vaqueros, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, were known to work under contract to rancher Joe Aguirre. They strive to get a stable job, build a home and start a family. When Aguirre sends her to look after the majestic Brokeback Mountain, a feeling of friendship develops between them both, stemming from an intimate relationship. Eventually they will have to leave Brokeback and go their separate ways.”. Now you can see it Star+.

The main characters of the film are a sad story

Who starred in the film? Finally, the famous love story came to the big screen. Heath Ledger like Ennis del Mar and Jake Gyllenhaal like Jack Twist. This will be one of the last works Heath Ledger which will be masterfully transformed into a Joker item The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan before his death from a mixture of drugs to treat insomnia. Electronic reception Academy Award posthumously for his role in the sequel Batman Begins. Let’s all record the top of our car!

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