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The Block button is a handy little tool that was part of Voice over the past 10 seasons. Use this correctly and you have a chance to achieve Trainer greatness. Use it wrong and… well, you might still have a chance, unless the singer in question is a big fan of either song. another Trainer.

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Towards the end of Season 24, Episode 3, the Coaches met Rudy, a singer from San Antonio, Texas, who had spent the last few months working at her family’s auto shop because singing no longer paid the bills. WITH VoiceRudy had the chance to make her musical dreams come true and she definitely didn’t miss it.

Rudy performs “You Don’t Own Me” on Voice Season 24 Blind Auditions

Taking to the stage in a stunning denim ensemble, Rudy (who says all her musical gifts came from her late grandfather, the singer and guitarist who died the year she was born) belted out Lesley Gore’s classic hit “You Don’t Own Me.” and quickly made the often-covered song her own. The chairs soon began to spin, and coach Gwen Stefani almost immediately turned around to watch the entire performance.

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The other coaches took a little longer as John Legend, Niall Horan and Reba McEntire waited to hear Rudy hit some high notes. By the end of the show, all four chairs were turned in one twist: Horan did not allow Legend to train Rudy, and he was not shy about bragging about it. The antics were enough to prompt McEntire to apologize on behalf of her fellow coaches before praising the singer.

“When I looked the other way, you really convinced me you meant it,” she said. “You are very convincing when you sing. I love story songs. I like a song that touches my heart when I listen to it. And you are a great singer and you touched my heart. a gift, and you have it.”

“It’s really amazing to hear from someone who is so in control,” Stephanie said. “And besides, I was so lucky that I turned around quickly because of my great instinct, because I was able to see you too, and you really know how to work the stage, and you have amazing style, and you’re great. I think I need to be your Coach. Don’t you think that you and I could rule the world?”

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Rudy responded, “I’m not going to lie, I’m literally your biggest fan.”

Eventually, Rudy went to Gwen’s team, rendering Horan’s Block useless. Let’s see if this duo can finish the job!

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