“We expect more military aid from the European Union.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on the European Union to provide “more military aid” to his country.

According to the statement issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kuleba attended a meeting of foreign ministers of European Union member states.

Speaking during the meeting, Kuleba stated that the strength of the Ukrainian ground forces has a special meaning in the war with Russia, and said:

“The Air Force and the Navy are important. But at the moment, the real burden falls on the shoulders of the Ground Forces. Leaving aside political issues, the question is ‘How can we help the Ukrainian soldier?’ “Let’s answer the question. We expect you to agree to the decision to supply our army with one million bullets. We expect more military aid from the European Union.”

Kuliba called for the twelfth sanctions package against Russia to enter into force.

Recalling that the EU Commission recommended starting full membership negotiations with Ukraine, Kuleba stressed that the Ukrainian people were strengthened by this decision, and said: “This decision once again showed that our struggle was not in vain.” He said.

Minister Kuleba expressed his hope that the decision to start the dialogue on Ukraine’s accession process would be announced in December.

F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots in Romania

The center where Ukrainian pilots will receive training on F-16 fighter jets has become operational, the Romanian Ministry of Defense reported.

The centre, located at an air base near Bucharest, was opened by Romanian Defense Minister Angel Telvar and Dutch Defense Minister Kaisa Ollongren.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense stated that the training facility will be an international center within Europe and will also allow joint studies for allied countries.

Ukraine, which has been at war with Russia since February 2022, has long requested warplanes from Western countries. Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium have announced that they can supply F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The Danish Ministry of Defense announced that the first F-16 aircraft will be delivered to Ukraine in April 2024. Belgium is expected to deliver the first aircraft in 2025.

5 Dutch F-16 aircraft arrived in Romania last week. These aircraft will be used to train Ukrainian pilots. The number of aircraft that the Netherlands will send for training is expected to rise to 18. The Dutch Ministry of Defense stated that the aircraft will only fly in NATO airspace, of which Romania is a member.

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