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This comedy about social pressure, patriarchy and coercion is based on the idea of ​​Jazmín Rodríguez Duca and directed by Azul Lombardía. The price of eternal youth and a villain who is both gorgeous and evil. Premieres Thursday, September 21st.

An anger management group led by a woman (Marcela Guerty). All women who need or must learn to control their anger. This is where the worlds of Angela (played by Carla Peterson), a 45-year-old famous actress, and Vera (played by Julietta Diaz), a mother of two and wife of an artisanal cream seller, intersect.
Why did they come to this group? They are filled with anger and pressured by a society that demands that they be beautiful, thin, young and, moreover, comply with all its demands and lose themselves in the process of achieving them: becoming mothers and wives.
Also, be kind, kind, understanding, and tolerant because any reaction will be labeled hysterical. How not to explode? How not to get angry? But if you want to work freely, you can’t spend your life burning your ex’s hands with an iron, or cracking pine cones, or throwing cream in the air.

The amount of money moved by the beauty industry and the medicalization of the female body is staggering. Products make your vagina smell better, your armpits whiten, and you’re bombarded with cellulite and stretch marks. It is impossible not to remember some recent cases that expose the price paid for youth and beauty according to the parameters imposed by society and an industry that enriches itself at the expense of our bodies.
In a report in People magazine, actress Jessica Lange said of the film industry: “Ageism is everywhere in this industry. It’s not a level playing field. 60-year-old women playing romantic partners It’s not common to see protagonists, but you see 60-year-old men paired with partners who are decades younger.”

don’t break my heart is an acidic, funny comedy that directly criticizes patriarchy and a society that imposes values ​​of youth and beauty as synonymous with success.
The protagonists who are willing to fight against these taxes will fight against them, reflect on and hunt down the villain of the movie, because yes, there is a villain. The bad guy is a plastic surgeon who wants to test whether his product can lead to eternal youth, even though it hasn’t been tested yet. The unscrupulous doctor (played brilliantly by Peruvian Salvador del Sol), whose exaggerated gestures, harsh colors, and bright greens recall villains like the Joker or the Riddler, will try to keep Angela young forever .
Patriarchy is the undisputed ally of capitalism, which will put health at risk in order to sell everything from deodorant to futile and dangerous miracle cures.

More than five years ago, Jazmín Rodríguez Duca devised the script as a premonition, foreseeing that things were not going to change, or, worse, that things were going to escalate. , who later co-wrote the screenplay with Sebastián Meschenieser and Alberto Rojas Apel.
don’t break my heart The cast is diverse and famous, with strong performances from the two leads that scatter criticism and laughs. Don’t break me, don’t break my patience, or even my body.

data sheet:
Address: Lombard Blue
Original Thoughts: Jazmín Rodríguez Duca
Screenwriters: Jazmin Rodríguez Duca, Sebastian Meshenkisel, Alberto Rojas Appel.
Starring: Carla Peterson, Julietta Diaz, Salvador del Sol, Esteban Lamotte, Martín Galabar, Eugenia Getty, Selina Fon Te, Jazmin Rodríguez Duca, Fito Pace, Nancy Dupra, Cecilia Dopaso.

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