“We must honor who we were and celebrate who we will become.” There is also a rich video clip

Rome, August 25, 2023 – Miley Cyrus Is “I used to be young”, his new single. One of the most beautiful and meaningful voices, she is a multi-platinum artist and one of the most influential in global pop culture. The video clip of the work is already available online.

“This song is about celebrating who we were.love who we are and celebrate who we will become. I feel proud when I reflect on my past, and I feel optimistic when I think about the future,” said Miley Cyrus. I am grateful to my devoted fans who make my dreams come true every day. I am sincerely grateful for your continued support. This song is for you.” Also on the video clip, he told the meaning and origin.. Directly in the video that accompanies the song, she plays her “mom as a child and I could see her inside the camera using the technology that I live stream with my mom.” So we could see each other, and while she was dancing to the notes of the song, she made me cry, laugh and feel so many real emotions. I think it brings people in touch with real emotions, which I don’t seem to be very good at expressing these days.”

In honor of the release from “Used to Be Young,” Miley Cyrus shared stories and thoughts about her life at a special TV event. Endless Summer Vacation: The Sequel (Sessions in the backyard). New version compared to the one broadcast on Disney+featuring an unedited interview as well as music from his latest album. Endless summer holidaysand went on air ABC a few hours before the release of the single. A new updated special is available on Hulu.com.

Used To Be Young is Miley Cyrus’ first unreleased track since the March release of Endless Summer Vacation, which includes a double platinum hit on Italy Flowers, River and Jaded. With 4 billion streams, Flowers is the fastest song to reach 500 million streams on Spotify. Used To Be Young comes out shortly before the 10th anniversary of Bangerz, Miley Cyrus’ 3-platinum album that includes hits like Wrecking Ball, We Can’t Stop and Adore You. To celebrate the anniversary, a limited edition vinyl will be released in September. with new packaging with unpublished photos and bonus track 23 with Mike WiLL Made-It.

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