We reject the ceasefire and no return to what existed before October 7

Israeli forces do not intend to stay in the Gaza Strip forever, but we will stay there for a while to eliminate Hamas

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A spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office confirmed that the government has forcefully rejected calls for a ceasefire, stressing that “there will be no going back to what was before October 7.”

While he underlined that “Israeli forces do not intend to stay in the Gaza Strip forever, but we will stay for a while to eliminate Hamas.”

Events accelerated from Friday evening, with Israel launching airstrikes and shelling from land and sea, accompanied by a disruption of communications from Gaza for about a day, as an incursion began of land, the largest since the beginning of the fighting on 7 October.

On Sunday, the Israeli army said it had increased the number of its forces fighting inside the Gaza Strip, adding: “Overnight (Saturday – Sunday) we increased the entry of (Israeli army) forces ) in Gaza, and they joined the forces fighting there… We are gradually increasing.” Ground operations and the extent of the deployment of our forces in the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas movement launched an unprecedented armed attack on Israeli cities and settlements around Gaza, which it called the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” which killed around 1,400 people, injured around more 3,000 and the capture of around 200 people. -250 people, Israelis and other nationalities.

Israel responded with intense raids that continue to this day in the Gaza Strip, killing more than 8,000 Palestinians and wounding thousands.

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