Wedding Dress Parade is on MSC Armonia

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01/07/2023 – An extraordinary catwalk to present the B.Bride collection from La Bussola by Giovenali Atelier. Models parade inside the MSC Armonia cruise ship docked at Ancona port. From Maria Montessori to Lady Gaga and J.Lo. 12 models dedicated to historical women and style icons

What do a wedding dress and a cruise ship have in common? They both are making dreams come true for many. The perfect vacation and the perfect home, the beginning of a journey and a moment to share with your loved one. this is the idea Marco Giovenaliowning to Compass by Giovenali,

historic atelier of Marzoca of Senigallia Creates a collection named after it: b.bridewhich may literally mean “compass bride” or “bride to be”.

For the occasion, he was presented on deck 12 of the stately ship MSC HarmonyFrom MSC Cruises 12 wedding dress models, inspired by the many women who have marked the history of style and fashion and beyond.

The collection was born from the union of the intentions of the owner Marco Giovenali and his trusted collaborators: Fabio, stylist tailor, and Veronica and Cristina, experts in the bridal world.

12 iconic women who have marked history and who continue to do so. inspirational inspirational women of the past such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Frida Calo, Raffaella Cara, but also contemporary and modern women and divas such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga. The presentation of 12 creations is no classic fashion show. Each costume is a dive into the life of the character, the inspiration she has created in her life, a taste, a feel, a sensory journey and a musical journey. Each costume tells a story, told by the voice of historical speaker and DJ Luigi Bracciaroli of Radio Orange. Guests of event invited on the occasion: Journalists, influencers, TV personalities and well known faces of the field.

The artistic direction is once again entrusted to Giuseppe Filoramo of Relife Servizzi, who has been collaborating with La Bussola for years, signing many successful events as well as advertising campaigns and image projects, which are part of the Giovenali Atelier. doing ad hoc studies for

The agency’s 12 models will be produced and assembled by two staffs of image professionals: Go Coppola Ancona, headed by Eduardo Oliva, for hairstyling and the Musa Academy for make-up, and the Charme School, headed by Alessandra Sabatini.

A great study of the reference mark features the work of these beauty experts, as well as the staff of Santarelli Jewelry and Adriatica Outlet who have embellished and enriched the look with their collectible jewelry and eyewear. The event was also supported by Historical Reality SEPA Decor and Fantasy Events, who took care of the set-up. It was not easy to organize such an event onboard, but the organizers were able to enjoy the professional support of Happy Voyage Agency, MSC’s official partners.

The presentation of the B.Bride collection is not a business move, but a way to express your view to the world as a bride and a concrete help to all women who want to be heard and inspire those women Who wants to represent herself, a style, a concept.

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