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This trend was announced by Haute Wedding 2023: The bridal fashion trends will want sheer wedding dresses, Markedly in contrast to traditional penance, which sees such a solemn moment as marriage as an opportunity to expound candidness and purity, wedding dress goes naked, leaving room for a new idea of ​​sexuality. Veils, more or less tightly woven lace, organza and sheer materials are all in vogue and will peak in 2024.

i see i don’t see

The data speaks for itself: Request transparent wedding dresses It has increased by 83% since the end of 2022. A revolutionary choice, which not only aims to break the now obsolete taboos, such as the classic white dress associated with the legacy of female chastity, but also aims to give the bride a wider choice in terms of attire. If wedding day It’s one of the most beautiful days out there, being able to enjoy the moment by wearing an unconventional outfit can only be a plus, especially for those who want to break the monotony of a classic wedding dress.

sheer wedding dresses |  Life & People MagazineIn fact, it’s not a trendy trend reserved only for influencers and models. Sheer models with exaggerated transparency are present in many collections, most notably those of the Chinese-born American designer. Vera Wang. There’s also Mytheresa, a German giant dedicated to transparent dresses, which has seen a marked increase in the creation of bridal capsule collections over the past twelve months, featuring Albanian-born stylist Nancy Dojak, who has already dressed celebs Bella Hadid and Zendaya.

sheer wedding dresses |  Life & People Magazine

focus on lingerie

Choosing a nude effect dress involves not only awareness, but above all a careful and honest evaluation of lingerie to wear. Underwear with clean and minimal lines is ideal for leaving little room for the imagination. Sophisticated and tailored suits such as LeeLiv or La Perla are particularly well suited for occasions in which the underwear plays as primary a role as the dress. Underwear becomes a major accessory, the protagonist, standing as the only boundary between the dress and the body.

sheer wedding dresses |  Life & People Magazine

double choice

French author and podcaster Camille Charrier took social media by storm with two sheer wedding dresses: a ’90s-style sequin skirt designed by Celine for the ceremony and a recycled lace skirt designed by Harris Reid for the reception. If Charrier’s choice fell on two nude dresses, it is easy to understand how you can play with your imagination and choose the most daring outfit for the reception, choosing a classic white dress during the ceremony. In fact, the reception, being a moment of cordiality and fun, has nothing to do with the strict rules of the bride’s dress code. Transparencies that were previously considered excessive can take on a sexy and sophisticated edge during refreshments.

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body conscious and contextual

If once upon a time it was diversified with dramatic colors like black which gave a luxurious flavor to one’s look, turning the classic dress into a palazzo pantsuit, today bridal fashion wants an absolutely white dress. Tall, precious, feminine and above all in white: from icy white to more delicate shades like ivory and cream. In fact, the revolution lies not in changing the long dress but in drawing attention to the female body, rediscovering audacity, sensuality and elegance.

    Life & People Magazine

fashion house proposal

The transparency of the veil and organza is also loved by Chez Christopher Kane, whose wedding dresses always mix tradition and modernity. Among her bestsellers we found an ultra-tight lace long dress with long sleeves. Modern details: Crew neck and cuffs in contrasting wings with tightly woven ’60s lace. Even Reem Arka and Yolancris consider breaking out the visible underwear the ultimate taboo. Whether it’s a veiled bodice or a lace skirt, the nude trend is sure to be a solid alternative, normalizing a new concept of beauty to show off on your wedding day.

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