Weekend in El Porto, Yllana’s comedy show and magician Fran Qué’s magic show

he Pedro Muñoz Ceca Municipal Theater Humor and magic will headline the fall 2023 program with a double program this weekend.

this Saturday, December 2, 8:30 pm One of the companies that has triumphed at home and abroad will take to the stage of the theatre, Ilana, and his latest releases war baby and in matinee performances sunday 3A magic show for all audiences, The magician who whispers to lettucewith the magician’s art Fran what.

Ilana will take the stage this Saturday with her work war babyThe film takes viewers to a military recruitment center where a group of ignorant recruits are being trained to fight in a crazy war that creates the country’s new leader, who turns out to be a spoiled aggressive baby The show is filled with crazy situations surrounding the themes of war and the power of this anti-war satire.

Ticket prices vary Between 16 and 10 eurosdepending on the theater area selected.

Fran Qué’s Home Magic

As for the performance the next day (Sunday, December 3), 12:30 noonMagician Fran Qué will present his show “The Magician Who Whispered to Lettuce”. Especially recommended for the whole family, this is a surprising and very interesting magic show. Fran Qué will use his humor, strong personality and ability to improvise to lead us to enjoy through imagination for about 70 minutes. Magical journey. .

Fran Qué is a magician and socio-cultural entertainer who specializes in children’s magic and is trained in clowning and theatre. He has extensive experience in clowning and comedy acting. In 2005, he started to get into contact with magic and illusion. He participated in several of the most important magic festivals in Spain and won many awards. Best Children’s Magician Award.

The ticket price for the magic show is 3 euros.

Tickets for Yllana and the magician Fran Qué can be purchased this Saturday at 6:00 pm at the Municipal Theater box office (entrance at C/ Fernán Caballero, 2) and on Sunday 3rd (the day of the matinee) from 10:00 30 am to 12:30 pm. Likewise, through the Internet portal www.tickentradas.com, visitors can inquire about the different features and purchase tickets.

Like last week, access to these features will be Located on Fernand Caballero Street The main thoroughfare through Piazza Polvorista was cut off due to construction work.

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