Weight Loss Tips | The superfood that reduces belly fat has twice the vitamin C of an orange (and is healthier)

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If you eat four tablespoons of this every day, you can lose weight effortlesslyAmo Dominguez

In the list of purposes we always write Subtract the kilograms taken for extreme behavior and adopt a better diet healthy.

achieve our goals It’s much simpler than it looks, we just need to take the appropriate steps. Planning our meals ahead of time and carefully choosing the ingredients used to prepare our weekly menus are two essential steps to achieving our goals sooner than we expect.

Vegetables and fruits should be our foundation feed Among them, kiwi fruit is one of them that can help us achieve an enviable figure and strong health, allowing us to face autumn with new enthusiasm. Here are some of the benefits of kiwi fruit:

  • High levels of vitamin C, which will help us have a stronger immune system and reduce stress

  • Rich in antioxidants, it will help keep our cells young, which will be evident in the condition of our skin.

  • It contains fiber which helps us avoid constipation and improves digestion

  • Eliminates fluid retention as it is a diuretic food

  • Helps prevent anemia as it increases iron absorption

  • Improves bones due to its mineral content

How to incorporate kiwi fruit into our diet?

Without a doubt it is one of the best food We can accept that. But if you’re one of those people who has a hard time eating fruit, here are some ideas for incorporating kiwi into your daily life:

  • Take one for breakfast to eliminate toxins.

  • as a snack or treat

  • Salad: Add chopped kiwi to your favorite salad and dress with a vinaigrette made with olive oil, Modena vinegar, and a teaspoon of homemade honey. A source of vitamins that will have you hooked!

  • As a weight loss smoothie: Mix a cup of soy milk, two kiwis, some spinach leaves and chia seeds.

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